Friday, September 4, 2009

Jay Dee going from Rego Park to Birmingham

From the Daily News:

A shuttered Forest Hills bakery once known for its sugary kosher treats - as well as its postwar architecture - may see new life in a historical village opening near Birmingham next year.

Business partners Patti Miller and Joel Owens want to buy memorabilia from Jay Dee Bakery - a 60-year-old neighborhood mainstay that closed a few months ago - to recreate the shop in their planned nostalgic town.

Miller said she may start removing Jay Dee's signage as soon as this weekend and re-open the bakery at the village in late 2010. She's hoping longtime locals can provide photos of the interior for her re-creation.


Sam said...

sorry to see an old bakery like this one close. I wasn't a fan of their baked goods but all in all, I hope it works out for them.

Anonymous said...

Another piece of unique architecture being transported somewhere else.

Out of sight and out of mind!

Remember those ultra rich 19th century robber barons who had Scottish And Irish castles disassembled stone by stone and moved to the USA?

Money talks and bullshit walks!

Historic "preservationists" without bucks.....bah!

Yer jes playin' with yerselves!

Anonymous said...

The borough that once held the largest number of 20th century planned communties,

and one of the most unique and varied architecture,

is now a shell where "Honest Joe" "Callous Carolyn" "Grandma Clair" "Daffy Vicki" and "Silver Slipper Gary" and on down the line are ripping out the pipes.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad some property out somewhere like the midwest, plan out some city streets, and line then with old structures from Queens, and maybe some from Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. We could have a mini NYC in a matter of a few years. There would be St Saviour's church, Shea Stadium, Jay Dee's Bakery, the Trylon theater....

Alan Gross said...

Not to mention the fact that the City bulldozed the pre-WWII hangars at Flushing Airport without saving anything of historic value left at the site and also without notifying aviation preservationists such as myself. You want history? Don't look at the Bloomturd administration for help!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Universal Studios in Florida has a replica of the old Penn Station!

-Joe said...

I been to Birmingham, those good old folks have an apprecation for heritage, greenspace, art and music.

Its kind of like Southold.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham sounds a lot like grit or guts...just a pastiche of bygone architectural remnants.

I'd still rather live in NYC...THE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD...with all its ills.

You can feel FULLY ALIVE here!

No small town cemeteries for me!

Anonymous said...

Is that the little "diner King" to the right of Goliath?