Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He's just like one of us! (part 4)

From the Daily News:

Send back the lobster. Can the caviar. All Mayor Bloomberg wants is a wiener.

The mayor was in the Hamptons on Sunday at a horse show.

But he wants you to know: Even if he's hangin' with the rich and famous, he's just plain ole Bloomy from the block.

"I'm not into this fancy food, like shrimp, caviar and lobster," said Bloomberg. "I like hot dogs, hamburgers and fried chicken the best. I like real food for real people."

True to his word, the billionaire mayor chomped on a hot dog, turning his back on piles of lobster salad sandwiches and platters of filet mignon that surrounded him in the VIP tent.

"I'm a true New Yorker," he said. "I love hot dogs."

Bloomberg Watch isn't buying it:

C’mon, who are we kidding? Of course Bloomberg likes fancy food. If he didn’t, why does he go to all those fancy restaurants?

Here’s the New York Post’s David Seifman in 2003:

Bloomberg dined at expensive Manhattan eateries ranging from the Palm steakhouse in Midtown to Plumeri in TriBeCa, which provided an out-of-the-way setting when he and New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso lunched last Oct. 1.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor if you like the same foods as us, stop taxing them and stop banning them.

Queens Crapper said...

Trans fats...bad.

dumpquinn said...

Why can't he choke on it?

Missing Foundation said...

I am disgusted that we have extensive coverage on the tennis thing in Flushing Meadows.

Who the f*k cares about that shit- how about some real news on the elections and the issues.

Anonymous said...

Missing you get so upset.

This is the self styled Media Capital of the World.

You know, like the self styled Car Capital of the World.

The self styled Steel Capital of the World.

New York, Detroit, Pittsburgh. Yesterday's stories.

A Better NYC said...

Hey Bloomie...

We New Yorkers really hate phonies most of all.

We don't dislike you beacuse you're rich (hell, I wish I was) we're starting to really dislike you because you say dumb shit.

Who the hell in their right mind would take a hot dog over lobster and filet mignon...give me a break!

PizzaBagel said...

You just know that as soon as he got the chance he purged himself of the offensive comestible -- either by his own means or with a stomach pump.

I'm not buying the "Regular Joe" act. Unfortunately, too many of the voting public do. What a phony!

Anonymous said...

Today they interrupted programming so that Bloomberg could give an update about the swine flu. I love their plan to scare the shit out of the public about this and send their subliminal message to support health care reform. You know Mayor Mike isn't going to have the same health care plan that we do. So, I guess he's NOT one of us.

italian girl said...

When is Bloombucks gonna get a clue already??

He is so far removed from reality that even he can't realize how foolish and phony he comes across.

dumpquinn said...


Anonymous said...

It's going to be interesting to see how this mad man will govern during a third term when people are starting to see right through his lies and deceptions. He's not the solution. He's the problem!!!

Taxpayer said...

He's soooo Joe the Plumber that he's going to drive himself over to Maspeth on a weekend real soon.

He's driving his favorite old VW camper with the psychedelic decorations painted on the side.

He wants to join the residents in the neighborhood of Saint Saviour's in a barbecue of burgers, dogs and sauerkraut.

Then, he will announce ________.


I was told to keep that part a surprise for the little people he loves sooooo much.

Anonymous said...

How come he's one of the common folk only at election time? When he get's back to Gracie Mansion, he sanitizes himself so he doesn't catch anything from the commoners. Once elected, you won't see him in Queens again until he runs for his fourth term.

Taxpayer said...

"The mayor was in the Hamptons on Sunday at a horse show."

- - -

Is that some kind of campaign language class where he learns to speak horse shit?

Or is that horse shit he's jamming into his mouth?

PizzaBagel said...

Did he eat the hot dog with a knife and fork? Ha!

Anonymous said...

vote his loser ass out please

Katie said...

it's nice to see he was in the hamptons on sunday. the opened a new bloomberg for mayor office in rockaway and his arrival was delayed for 2 hours due to--ahem--traffic.

at the "rally" (where i had to suffer through chants of "4 more years!" led mostly by his army of staffers) bloomie actually had the balls to say the "best candidate isn't necessarily the one with the most ads. it's the one who's out there, on the street, talking to real people!"

THEN he told us some real heartwarming story about being at ted kennedy's funeral and "listening to all these former presidents and our current president talk about these big international issues...all i'm thinking is, 'i gotta fix that sidewalk! i gotta repair that streetlight!"

then he mentioned some crap about going to an irish pub in boston to appeal to all the irish pub goers in rockaway.

THE WORST. he really knows when to put on his "i'm just like you" act.

CJ said...

Four more months!!! Yessir, I can drink to that.