Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forest Hills McMansion mess continues

Dear Crapper,

Unfortunately, the illegal constructions at 110-46 63rd Road, still continue despite the numerous violations issued by the city and the stop work order that's still in effect. (see here for all the info)

Despite the said SWO and a fine against both the owner VADIM FEZAMAYEV, and the construction company, ALEKSEY SHIMONOV, (you can see this in the ECB violations on the web site) there are still men constructing at the McMansion this morning. There were several secretly laying bricks on the front underneath a tarp that covered the site. When they came out and saw someone was looking at them, they quickly ran inside the tarp like horny teens who were caught hooking up by their mama. According to the buildings dept, there already have been complaints but as you can see this isn't stopping these greedy thieves from violating the law. Something has to be done to stop them.

-Matches Malone


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-Matches Malone


Anonymous said...

Pieces of paper and fines dont work with these terrorists. To them its just the cost of getting things done.
You have to put them in handcuffs.
....Some are OK but most are THE WORST thing to ever enter this country. Those brick shit boxes house 15-25 people. You can no longer park in Forest Hills.
Queens needs the FBI to clean up all these mobsters and dirty polititions.
The Mayor and judges wont do it since Jewish always side with Jewish.
This is a special situation

Anonymous said...

Property rights is one thing, but when these brick McMansions carve out extra wide driveways, that infringes on the few available parking spaces.

CntrySigns said...

At the last Glendale Property owners meeting I got a list of Community Board 5 requests for money. Things like fixing the sewers, over crowded schools etc. Why do we have these problems? Because of all of these over grown buildings. Please, everyone, Join and attend your LOCAL civic & community meetings. The more of you who show up and speak up against these places the more likely something will get done. On hand are usually local politicians and local news papers. We need to stand together to get rid of these places. These illegal buildings need to be torn down. Thats the only thing that will stop these people.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to bring in the feds organized crime unit!