Monday, September 14, 2009

Flushing homes raided in terror investigation

From NY1:

Homes in Queens were raided earlier today in connection with an ongoing FBI investigation, the New York City Police Department confirms.

The NYPD says one of the residences is located on 147th Street between Parsons and 41st Avenue in Flushing, Queens.

The Associated Press reports that the investigation is terrorism-related but neither the FBI nor the NYPD will confirm those claims.

The FBI says several criminal search warrants were issued but no arrests have been made at this time.

According to the AP, officials are said to be preparing to brief Congress about the investigation.


Anonymous said...


No but seriously. This is crazy, Flushing has one of the largest middle eastern/muslim populations (if not the largest) in New York.

The few blocks just north of Flushing high school has large amounts of muslims and they even have 2 mosques.

I hear helicopters (5:40) as I type this.


Anonymous said...

I live within momentary walking distance to flushing high school and know the exact locations of the two mosques you're talking about. i hear helicopters every day and it's because they are flying to and from fort totten. go to whitestone and you'll hear them even more.

my question is, what the hell are you talking about? various statements and what you probably find to be clever quotes that speak on behalf of what? your ignorance? i'm not muslim or middle eastern, so don't take this in the defense of the muslim community or anything to that matter. allahu akbar? do you even know what that means? what place has it in your comment? okay, we have a large population of muslims in flushing. and? you hear helicopters..and?

9/11 nevar forget? do you even know the facts about 9/11 or do you just hear hear or see the word muslim and hear vehicles that travel through the air and then put the buzz words together to form 'terrorism, 9/11, tragedy etc'?

the ignorance that is expressed in your meaningless comment is the exact ignorance that the people in power in this country have and is the main reason we have to deal with the tragedies we do.

you're a mockery of human evolution.

Anonymous said...

Some of these people also participate in sophisticated identity theft rings to fund their operations.

A twisted look at how one woman became the innocent victim of years of collection calls because she shared an address with a cell that later debunked one step ahead of the FBI:

Anonymous said...

As I left work in northern Queens for my commute home I was WONDERING EXACTLY WHERE in Queens these raids occurred. Especially when I heard and saw several helicopters hovering over LIRR train station that I take. I just learned that the location was just blocks from where I was waiting for my train. I'm not scared, far from it. But I am ANGRY, very angry.

Anonymous said...

So that's where the helicopters were that I heard early in the AM...about 4:00?

Vibrant, bustling and diverse downtown Flushing!

And this used to be a great place to live.

Glad I moved 3 miles east.

James said...

I'm curious about the "briefing Congress" aspect of this.

This suggests to me that some major sh*t went down here...

... guess we'll find out eventually.

Anonymous said...

scary stuff.. murder, rape, theft.. you expect that all living in NYC.. hearing about that is never a a surprise but a terror cell in flushing? now thats shocking and i would never expect that in my backyard.. as diverse as we are.. its just weird to think about

Flushing Friend said...

There goes the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

There are more important things in the world, like Kanye West interupting Taylor Swift or Patrick Swayze dying!

Anonymous said...

As I said many times, the cops are checking bags at Penn Station while a whole ninja team can get on at 63rd Drive.

Make the moms from Ridgewood NJ happy by going through the motions. Make the tweeded from Ridgewood NY happy by not going through the motions.

Anonymous said...

No but seriously. This is crazy, Flushing has one of the largest middle eastern/muslim populations (if not the largest) in New York.

The few blocks just north of Flushing high school has large amounts of muslims and they even have 2 mosques.
Unfortunately in Queens, we celebrate this as diversity! and kiss these peoples' asses for coming in and "saving" us instead of investigating them and wondering who they are and what they are up to.

Anonymous said...

Any evidence? No. But they're Afghan and Muslim, so it's OK to break their doors down in the middle of the night and roost them from their beds.

Hopefully, their neighbors won't jump to racist conclusions. Most local Afghans fled Afghanistan to get away from terrorism, not to practice it.

Anony2 said...

I went ot JHS 189 on 147th btwn Barclay & Sanford back in the
1980's. One of the Muslim girls was in trouble with her parents because she wished to switch Mosque's as she felt the one her parents attended was run by people who were "hateful". She would never elaborate as to what that meant.

I was not allowed in her house because I am not Muslim. We used to go to another girl's house to hang out (the other girl being Muslim but her family went to a different Mosque.) We had to hide when her parents would come pick her up (not allowed to hang out with Americans.) I also recall there being several Mosque's
in Flushing that were investigated several years ago. I thought one near or on Kissena had been shut down for a while.

Anyway, apparently the hardcore fanatics have been thriving in Flushing for many years, so I am not suprised.

Anonymous said...

They were Bosnian. Bosnia is not in the Middle East. Man, spent most of my life in Queens, all you white people are salty, which I can somewhat understand, but with this veil of pseudo-anonymity you just go crazy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the news has been reporting that they were Pakistani.

Anonymous said...

you're a mockery of human evolution.

and you are too, along with total ignorance as to the percentage of mosques with radical leadership and funding.
How much money laundering is also going on from all their businesses ?

and for the other ignoranTE claiming bosnian muslims are not middle easterners--thanks to klitton,clark,albright and nato, bosnia IS an islamofascist stronghold that even has a memorial dedicated to their foreign jihadi that somehow wound up in bosnia and bubba even went to the unveiling of this memorialthat's inscribed in ARABIC.

why has the government imported them ?
and set them up with welfare and businesses ?

P.S.--Flushing is nothing compared to steinway street and the surrounding area.......and going back to my first TRUTH- percentage of mosques with radical/infidel hatred preached is greater than 75%. We are surrounded by mosques here. 75% preach,teach hatred of American infidels. wake up ......and on 911 2009,the same as 911 2001,police personnel is wasted,parked outside their mosques.-same way on fridays,they can double/triple park and even park ON THE SIDEWALKS unticketed. try that yourself by your church or temple....lemme know how it goes.