Monday, September 14, 2009

Crowley making calls for Doorman

From the Daily Politics:

A Queens-dwelling reader called the other night to say he had just returned home to find a message from Rep. Joe Crowley asking him to vote for Councilman Eric Gioia for public advocate next Tuesday.

In the call, which the Gioia campaign provided, Crowley touts the councilman as someone who is "independent" and "gets results."

The reader mused that perhaps the chairman of the Queens Democratic Party, which is known for its discipline when it comes to candidate selection and members who vote in blocs (particularly on the Council), is perhaps not the best messenger when one wants to demonstrate one's "independence".


Anonymous said...

Dont worry, its all a sham. The 'bhoys' will always find jobs so not matter what happens on Tuesday, Gioia, and Melinda, and John Liu will will around for a while. The fact they are dispised and did a poor job is not important.

Unlike Tony A who will slip into oblivion because you 'hoped' and 'wished' and did not 'act up' - unlike the clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Crowley -- A good reason NOT to vote for The Doorman. It means that Gioia is one of the cogs in the wheels of the Queens Machine.

Anonymous said...

Crowley doesn't live in New York!
Joe has all his kids attending school in Virginia and living the life of Reilly. He doesn't care about us, all he cares about is singing and throwing partys.
Joe must Go.

Anonymous said...

When is Elizabeth Crowley getting money for the repaving of 75 Place between Eliot Avenue and Juniper Boulevard North? Nothing's been done here for 32 years, the DEP says the sewer system doesn't work and Crowley finds money for a new park in Maspeth.

Anonymous said...

1) This is a post about Joe Crowley.
2) Elizabeth Crowley is talking about planting green spaces along Maurice Avenue to help storm water drainage. She is also working on a land swap for the St. Savior property.

I am more infuriated that she is throwing $500,000 toward an amphitheater in a cemetery.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Woodside resident who along with my neighbors had to listen to Mr. Gioia accosting anyone and everyone near the 7 train this evening. He was yelling into a bullhorn to tell everyone that he is a neighborhood guy and the best choice for public advocate.
It seems to me that this effort sums up Mr. Gioia's career, very loud, but completely ineffective.