Friday, September 18, 2009

Crazy guy wreaks havoc in Forest Hills

Man nabbed in Qns. arson-assault

A crazed Queens man set fire to the home of a couple he knew and then returned to the scene to brutally beat the woman before mowing down the cops who chased him.

Vipan Chander, 49, was captured Tuesday after he returned to the Forest Hills home on 64th Avenue that he allegedly torched the same day, police said.

Cops said the victims, both from India, called 911 after 3 p.m. to report that an arsonist threw gasoline in their doorway and windowsill and lit it.

They managed to put out the blaze. When fire marshals arrived to investigate, the female victim saw Chander driving by and said, "That's him there." He drove off but the marshals took down his license-plate number.

A short time later Chander came back to the home and assaulted the woman so badly she had to get hospital stitches for two cuts to the face.

At 6:34 p.m. cops spotted Chander's car stuck in traffic on the Grand Central Parkway. When they got out to stop him, he ran them down. One of the three injured officers was hospitalized overnight.

Chander was later arrested on attempted-murder and other charges.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes all this is interesting ... but does he vote for Crowley's Machine?

Frank said...

I don't know what it is about Forest Hills/Rego Park but it seems to me to have more nutbags per capita than any place else I've ever lived.

I lived in Rego Park for the last three years and I've finally moved out of that insane asylum.

Anonymous said...

Call Heidi Chain, let her alert the media!

Anonymous said...

anger management issues

Anonymous said...

This guy is a true criminal. He is a wife beater and drunk. He tried to kill his wife multiple times. he should not be released into society!!!

Anonymous said...

deport him, this guy obviously can't handle life outside his village in Pakistan.

I guess he couldn't blow something up so he decided to take out as many people as he could, the old fashioned way.

I mean, seriously, send him back to Pakistan, so what if he 's from India, get him out of NYC.

let him serve a 20 year sentence, then deport him? no deport him to a jail in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

We ought to contract out our hard cases to the gulags in Russia.

It'll cost us much less and they've got great experience in handling inmates.

Oops...but then we'll be hearing protests from the correction officers unions.