Monday, September 14, 2009

College Point church waiting on DOB

From the Times Ledger:

Parishioners at the First Reformed Church of College Point were dealt a devastating blow last year when a fast-moving fire severely damaged their 135-year-old house of worship.

Now, after a grueling 15 months, they’re ready to get back to normal — all they need is for the city to let them.

The church has been waiting for two months for the city Department of Buildings to sign off on its reconstructed sanctuary and steeple after it was finished in July.


Taxpayer said...

The Commissar has a rule: No kickbacks, no service!

Anonymous said...

SOP for the DOB..."express service"...the slow boat to China.

The only thing that greases their wheels is a very fat roll of hundred dollar bills slipped into the pocket of the inspector.

Notice how quick crooks like Tommy Huang used to get their building permits restored or their C of Os approved? why do you suppose that is?

I guess that money still talks and bullshit walks!

DOB....the department of bumblers and bribery!

And now you've got only 45 days to contest any building plans at the DOB.

Expect more crap of this kind if Mayor Bum-turd sees a 3rd term!

Anonymous said...

It's College Point and has nothing to do with the corporate park. Get it?

panzer65 said...

A church in need of help from the city..even that does not exempt them from the Bloomturd Tweed!!