Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catering hall's finances are mismanaged

From the Daily News:

The World Fair Marina restaurant is so riddled with fiscal mismanagement that the city should kick out the current operators - or at least put in a monitor - according to a scathing new audit by city Controller William Thompson.

Auditors said the restaurant and banquet facility, run by Food Craft Inc., didn't keep proper receipts and invoices, didn't operate a restaurant and failed to distribute tips to its waiter staff.

If the Parks Department decides to continue its agreement with the operator of the Flushing facility, it "should assign a Parks employee to closely monitor Food Craft's operations through the remainder of the contract period," according to the audit, to be unveiled today.

Parks officials said they are sticking with Food Craft but following some suggestions from the audit.


Taxpayer said...

Thompson must now perform a thorough forensic audit of the financial records of at least Benepe and Lewandowski.

Very likely the Commissar's records require an audit also.

The stench of corruption and kickbacks is killing us in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Is it a "godfather" run catering hall?

Anonymous said...

What does Parks know about overseeing contracts for catering facilities? Great way to scre up what could be a real benefit for Queens. Put this one right up there with the Cafe on the Green debacle. Anymore facilities with issues in Queens due to Parks inability to actually know how to run and oversee something?

Anonymous said...

Actually if it was a "godfather" run catering hall it would make money.

I remember reading a biography of a mafiosa years ago and he said that the government nearly put Umberto's Clamhouse out of business when they ran it under receivership.

Anonymous said...

You should smell the flats when tides are out.

The sewage plant in Astoria is broken and needs a part (Gianaris said in 2006)

Of course the crowd treated it like its Area 51. What plant? We have no plant. Its just the natural smells out there of the waterfront.

Anonymous said...

follow the thread ..pathetic ... you guys should sign up that blog and open them up to real world (the way Bayside did) to the Vallone$.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Cafe On The Green run by the "godfathers?

Aren't they closed now?

How profitable can that be for them if it's so?

It really gets down too how good the calamari is.

Sigh...and there's was G-R-E-A-T !

No Sicilian would be (ha, ha, ha) caught dead in a ristorante that didn't know how to fry up one helluva tasty octopus.