Friday, September 18, 2009

Brooklyn loses a hospital

From Brownstoner:

Yesterday the sale of the building that housed Victory Memorial Hospital, on the Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights border, was recorded in public records, and the price tag—$45 million—makes it one of the biggest commercial transactions in Brooklyn this year. The story behind the sale is a sad one: The hospital had been facing bankruptcy for a couple years now, and at the beginning of September it laid off 250 workers. A person who works at the facility said Victory officially closed down on Saturday and that half of the building is now being used as a nursing home and half is being operated by SUNY Downstate Medical Center...Victory had been around for more than 100 years.


Anonymous said...

expaect more crowding at Coney Island and Maimonides.

Anonymous said...

Just like Queens -- another hospital closes down.

Anonymous said...

this was always a lousy, lousy hospital. I was in the emergency room there more than once, wish I had gone somewhere else.

Coney Island hospital? are you crazy? they kill their own

remember the EMT that had the wrong blood transfusion,what 12 or 13 years ago? He worked at Coney Island hosptial. His coworkers killed him

PizzaBagel said...

You got that right, Anon. #2! Mary Immaculate and St. John's went under earlier this year. (Parkway, too?) And Flushing Hospital and Jamaica Hospital are looking shaky. God help us if there's another 9/11 or other major tragedy. Big triage would be needed to cull out the keepers vs. the nots, given the shortage of beds.