Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bloomberg's DOB on top of things

Hat tip to Mr. Angry for bringing this to my attention:

Another fine example of Bloomberg’s DOB at work.

This originally came from Built To Spill by ltvsquad on Flickr.

Brand new building collapsed under the sheer weight of a completely inept design.

NYC DOB is definitely doing their job. If this happened in Manhattan, I'm sure every blogger and newspaper would have been all over it.



ceiling on my head lady said...

Why should this surprise you. In Astoria where I live, within a block of me, a building was knocked down "by mistake" when a wall next to it was pushed onto it during construction.

An open unguarded pit where children were picked up by the school bus was left unrepaired. A woman had her windows blocked by illegally close construction and her roof damaged.

And of course, you know what happened to me. And worse is happening everyday and not know outside the streets where it occurs.

It's like something out of 1984

Anonymous said...

I must weigh in. The DOB was always very responsive to me when I had to call them on the slumlord from hell in Queens. The HPD guys either wrote up the problems as "no access" or did not write up violations.

even when water and electricity was cut off by the Slumlord the DOB were quite good. Was it because I happened to mention to the DOB BEC (Bureau of Electrical Control) that I had contacts in the media and they were on their way over?
How come the HPD people aren't being arrested?

ceiling on my head lady said...

Yeah, and I had some luck with HPD but none whatsoever with DOB except when I called from my work which was a politically sensitive place.

Maybe your slumlord from hell and my devillord could meet, marry and have mutant children.

Anonymous said...

ceiling on my head lady - I am sure they already have a union.

have you taken your landlord for an HP action in housing court? you could apply for a rent reduction w/ the DHCR

ceiling on my head lady said...

I do have a rent reduction which does not begin to pay me for nearly being killed. I've avoided the housing court route because everyone else who went that way was out thousands. My downstairs neighbors are out more than 15K just to stay in their hovel.

But thank you for the kind thought.