Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Quinn giveth, Spitzer taketh away

Council speaker proposes suspending NYC sales tax
Amazon opposes Spitzer plan to tax NYers for online purchases

Or is it what Spitzer giveth, Quinn taketh away (taxes)?


georgetheatheist said...

Who's got bigger ears, Spitzer or Obama?

ken said...

don't know much 'bout the size of their ears but can say this in general: politicians may as well as not have ears on account of how little listening they do when folks like us voice our views.

Anonymous said...

Got to give Quinn credit for this idea, sounds like the Mayor got beaten to the punch by her - watch out folks - it may not come to pass.

Elliot does not have an original idea in his body. All retreaded duds that have proven to be duds.

Sort of like Vallone's thinking? Spew something out every week to keep on the PR radar. Even Markey stay's away from this approach - no ideas and remaining underground is a successful tactic for political survival.

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit, nobody thought Spitzer was going to be THIS bad.

Anonymous said...

Why it's little Guv lip spittle!

Raised in a wealthy real estate family.

He'll wind up being worse than Pataki.
Just you wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Spitzer is a douche bag. End of story.

Liman said...

He's already worse than Pataki. Pataki made some bad decisions, but he did the thing politicians always do: pretend they didn't happen and avoid having to deal with the fallout. Spitzer's so arrogant he doesn't care, and he doesn't learn. He doesn't have a tin ear for public opinion, he has NO ear. He thinks he doesn't have to care.

John Prester said...

My opinion of Quinn has gone up a notch, it's a good idea, but it most likely won't pass. Eliminating sales tax for a week would probably INCREASE OVERALL tax revenue due to INCREASED purchases by the public in that week. Quinn must be secretly reading up on supply-side economics in the evening - a closeted Reaganite perhaps?

As for Gray Davis Jr., otherwise known as Eliot Spitzer, it's only a matter of time before he's thrown out. His political career ends at the same graveyard where Mario Cuomo and George Pataki now reside.