Monday, February 18, 2008

Warped perspective

Unless this piece of Brooklyn crap slapped on top of a pre-war building allows for the balconies to be drawn up, this rendering appears to be a little out of perspective.
Notice how the eye is drawn immediately to the pile in this night scene. Great job, Halstead.


Anonymous said...

This could have been designed to meld old and new for a seemless result and increace overall value of the project and surrounding buildings. Why do that, they must have said, we can make the quick buck and get out. Who care's what they are stuck with down the road - we got our profit - take it and run to the next opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Queens has its crap.
Manhattan has its merde.

Now Brooklyn Bung Hole
is added to the stylistic lexicon!

Anyone care to come up with some appropriate names
for the ugly "architecture" that's popping up
in the Bronx and Staten Island?

FM Fats said...

And they can't even spell condominium!