Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Traffic tickets are a bummer

LiQCity asks, "WTF is going on with the out of control ticketing in Vernon/Jackson?" The answer is simple. The ticketing process is a revenue generator for the city. Therefore, the traffic agents are dispatched to the areas where people are most likely to pay the tickets. No point in the city flooding Corona with tickets; there's a better ROI where the shiny new condos are.


Anonymous said...

LIC always had parking issues. In the past buisnesses had difficulties attracting non-line professionals who drove. The area was crowded with trucks. If you kept your car on the street you had to deal with potential damage from freight trucks, theft and of course tickets. Then as today, there are the ever-present daily LI commuters who clog every all day rare legal spot they can find. The city is ticketing where the cars are and LIC is no exception, in fact it is more lucrative than ever. Just wait until the Manhattan congestion initiatives begin. Don't hold your breath that you will receive resident exemptions - the rest of Queens will demand the same amenity. Today, there are many more residents with visitors. But the differences today are residents purchasing in the new highrise crap building should be able to afford to house their cars in the same buildings- pay up that is. You didn't think about this did you. You should have bought that condo spot for your car - 150K along with your lux 500K studio - they go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

Putting drug dealers and human traffickers behind bars
is , apparently, a low priority for NYC
compared with the easier job of making money for the city by ticket blitzing neighborhoods.

Meter maids are plentiful
but where's a cop when you really need one?

H-m-m-m at Dunkin Donuts probably!

Anonymous said...

Most LIC parking lots are occupied by city employees with parking perks. Othwerwise, the area around the warehouses is no-parking on weekdays from 8am to around 6pm.

Anonymous said...

what warehouses ar you talking about? There aren't any left–they're been replaced with crap!

nancy said...

I live in LIC and I am selling my car right now and this is part of why. NYC really punishes car owners in the city... which may not necessarily be a bad thing. I am happy to let mine go and embrace a car-free lifestyle in the city best known for it's success.

New York Traffic Ticket said...

If it wasn't for winter.. I'd sell my car in a heart beat.. but it can get pretty darn cold! way too cold to walk!