Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stucco corner

Being from Queens, I am used to seeing a lot of stucco. But not this much in one place. And lookin' mighty dingy at that. They even covered the fire escapes with it.


Anonymous said...

is this the work of FLC? (Frank Lloyd Crap?)

Anonymous said...

What was the architect on???

Anonymous said...

The building design looks like it was designed based on what was available in the salvage yard. None of the windows facing the Ave. are uniform. Main area features the useless balconies. Are balconies a code requirement instead of fire escapes - what gives with this?

Stucco - look like S***.
What I see in this fine example of why we are going down the tubes fast is that there was an opportunity to design a buiding on the cheap using this material to blend a look and design to the handsome buiding adjacent to it.

Instead the architect choose to ignore any design sensibility that could have enhanced the desirability and long term value for everyone.

This place will begin to unravel quickly. It appears it was designed to a Bodega owner's mindset and sensibility.

Anonymous said...

and a nice shade of mustard shit it is!

Anonymous said...

Once again, yet another example that the preservation community in this city is woefully unprepared to tackle the urban blight eating away at our neighborhoods.

Something must be done.

We Light Up Queens said...

That is brutal, im glad it isn't in Queens