Friday, February 8, 2008

Sky high emergency houses

The Angry NYer is weighing in on disaster housing designs:

Who the hell would live in one of these stupid far fetched forms of housing? How is any of this any different from those crap FEMA trailers in New Orleans? And why the heck are we wasting money on competitions to come up with this crazy ass shit anyway?

Click here to read the conclusion of his remarks:

Inflatable Housing?

I need to have a beer with this guy.

Photo from Curbed


ken sung instead of said...

up, up, and away in my beautiful, or rather "repulsively ugly," my "repulsively ugly," balloon...

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

Are these things supposed to look like anvils? Very reassuring!

Anonymous said...

How appropriate for the sky high inflation
we'll soon be experiencing!

Why not export our illegal aliens to some space station
where they might converse with some
interstellar aliens !

didn't the British have prison ships
on the East River during the American Revolution ?

This is really hot air !

Anonymous said...

holy crap i could see myself floating away in that thing when a good storm comes. This is what tax dollars are spent on.

CJ said...

Make one of these the new Queens Boro Hall. Invite all the usual suspects and cut the rope.