Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seeking a raise in Albany

New York legislators are looking for a raise of as much as 22 percent, saying the $79,500 base salaries they earn are not enough.

Legislators Renew Push to Raise Their Pay

But an examination of state records shows that most make considerably more than their base salary. With extra pay for chairmanships and other posts, they earn just over $90,000, on average, for what is widely considered a part-time job; the Legislature is in regular session for 63 days a year.

And more than a third earn more from outside employment, often as lawyers in their hometowns, but they are not required to disclose how much or from what clients.


Anonymous said...


These guys make plenty for the little that they do
in Albany besides kissing ass !

Go buy yourself some kneepads
or "do it" standing up if it hurts your back!

And don't bother putting in any requests for petty cash,
at taxpayers expense, for hydrotherapy
or masseuses' services either!

Boland said...

Does anyone in Maspeth think that Marge Markey deserves a raise?

That empty suit should give back money to her constituents.

Anonymous said...

Marge Markey deserves a raise?

She should pay people to keep the job. The greatest do nothing ever elected.

Anonymous said...

Marge "lackey" Markey.

On the pad since she
first went to work for Claire Shulman....
and probably before that.

Don't you just love municipal government welfare?

In the private sector ,
Marge would be out on the curb
right after her coffee break.....
with her transfiles and roladex in tow !

May I fetch you a cab Ms. Markey?

My pleasure!