Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scarano gets canned


The developer of a controversial condominium complex that had incited its Brooklyn neighbors to start a rezoning drive offered an olive branch yesterday - by firing the architect.

William Stein canned Robert Scarano and released scaled-down renderings of what critics had dubbed the "heavy-metal building" because of its aluminum-and-glass facade.

Stein is building a 49-unit condo on Smith Street next to the Carroll Street F and G subway station. Scarano's eight-story design would have towered over Carroll Gardens' two- and three-story town houses.

The new renderings, by KSQ Architects of White Plains, show a six-story, brownstone-style design with a set-back penthouse.


verdi said...

Now I've got to watch out that I don't mistakingly
pick up a can of Scarano when I reach out for
my favorite brand of imported plum tomatoes
at the local Italian superette in my nabe!

Come to think of it,
Bobby's hairpiece seems to have derived its
wavelike "grandeur" from the cluster of tomatoes.
depicted on a "Pope" brand container.

Pompadori di Pomidori .....what an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a twin gallows
can be set up for Scarano & Huang.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till the phycho shows up on this board to defend himself. He'll probably say he quit because the developer didn't deserve him.