Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mad scientist's experiment

"You see groups in our city that don’t have any political power and sadly are left out. You see other groups that have a disproportionate amount of power and get resources greater than what they really should have, given all of the needs of society. And you know, speaking out, I will continue to do that, but I’m trying to get everybody to speak out."

Bloomberg's 'Experiment'

Oh, he's talking about some presidential nonsense. For a moment, I thought he was talking about the way his administration treats certain neighborhoods in Queens. With respect to downzoning and landmarking, in particular. But it can't be, because he hates it when everybody speaks out about that, and especially about him.


Anonymous said...

The term "insanity" at times,
can often refer to a patient's being in or out of touch
with his surroundings.

Mayor (Herr Doctor) Franken-berg is clearly out of his rich man's mind conducting his own
peculiarly weird and compulsive ego experiments.

He makes eccentric old Ross Perot look normal!

What we have in Bloomberg is a senile "leader"
in his play pen with all his toys scattered about him
and he's telling his parents (us voters)
what's best for them!

This is what often comes of the wealthy.

The world (NYC in this case) may be your oyster
Reich's chancellor Bloomberg,
but you don't own it !

The psycho wards are filled with Napoleons
and Caesars., because hey are often penniless.

But if you're a wealthy out of touch "schizoid"
you might even get to be mayor of a large city!

Anonymous said...

But guys, people always single out one person (landmarks commissioner!, the governor!, our city councilperson!) as if they are the problem and going after one person will solve things.

For most of us, at least those older than say 6 or 8, know that life might be a little more complex than solving problems by remvoving the bogyman.

The fact is our polticians are a product of the political climate that spawns them.

And in preservation, ignoring Queens and subjecting is to the abritrary and capricous landmarks 'law' is a product of a culture that has let something like that fester for years.

The only way we can change politics is to go after the clubhouse.

The only way we can change preservation politics is to go after the preservation clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that Bloomberg is an enormously popular mayor, well-regarded and well-liked by a large majority of this city, yet you insist on pretending that the masses don't like him. This shows that you are certainly out-of-touch.

Queens Crapper said...

Hey it's good to see you got promoted to blog patrol, Matt. We were worried about you.

Anonymous said...

Please can your pompous "rhetoric" .
You sound like an 18th century Lord Wannabee

Everybody knows on the street,
you take out the gang leader first.

Even "Bill the butcher "knew this!
Maybe it's time you reviewed
that Scorcese film again
since you're ever so fond of quoting from it.

Bloomberg is the the captain of his ship.

And as such,

Then all the clubhouse underlings
can wait their turn getting a shoe up their asses!

Queens Crapper said... <--- IP address from where these pro-Bloomberg comments are generating. Nice how city workers waste their time and our money, eh?

Anonymous said...

You know QC must be getting to His Highness if he sends his minions to screen and post comments on the boards during business hours.

Anonymous said...

You can keep up your delusions that Bloomberg is having someone monitor your blog. I have nothing to do with the mayor, city government, any government or government agency. I'm just a private citizen and Queens resident voicing my opinion. Of course, you can't handle the fact that most people disagree with you on most matters.

Queens Crapper said...

Guess this guy doesn't know what the term "BUSTED" means.

CJ said...

OrgName: City of New York
OrgID: CNY-4
Address: DoITT - 11 Metrotech Center, 3rd
Address: Floor
City: Brooklyn
StateProv: NY
PostalCode: 11201
Country: US

Didn't the mayor fire a city employee about a year ago for surfing the net during work hours?


Taxpayer said...

This dwarf may have convinced himself and the lickspittles on his payroll (public and private) that he's our savior.

Sorry to be the one to notify you Commissar: The Savior has come, He has died. He has risen. He will come again. You, Commissar, are not our Savior.

Otherwise he would have spanked his brainless lackey Matt and long ago intervened to convert Saint Saviour's from destruction.

But, this boring dullard, unimaginative, dictator Stalinist wannabe now wants to expand his grasp to an entire nation. The nation will vomit him back.

We don't need your "Emperor without clothes" thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Lots of companies route their systems through servers at Metrotech. It doesn't mean you work for the city.

Queens Crapper said...

It does when your IP comes up as "City of New York" or did you choose not to notice that under OrgName?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tuning into QC
all of you butt kissing city lackeys .

You'll hearing a lot more about yourselves
in the near future. Be sure to log on .

This message has been brought to you by the
"Victims of The Queens Clubhouse ".

Be sure to visit our local
media supermarket daily (eh...Matt Gorton) !

Anonymous said...

Crapper - this is typical of your misinformed statements and mistaken conclusions. I can guarantee you that I do not work for the city and have nothing to do with the city or any city agency. I'm not a tech person so I couldn't tell you why an IP says whatever it does. If this is typical of how you come up with your facts and positions, I don't know how anyone can trust what you say.
And really, what does it matter? I'm a Queens resident sharing his opinion. If you can't handle intelligent, respectful debate then why even do this?