Saturday, February 9, 2008

Low-rent in Ridgewood

Here come the hipsters!

As per Curbed and the New York Observer.


Anonymous said...

I am born and raised in Ridgewood. I remember when I was a little kid and the Germans used to look at us Italians with a weary eye and mutter under their breaths how the neighborhood was going to hell.
As the years went by, Italians became the majority, then they left as well and the Poles filled into the Fresh Pond Area of Ridgewood - fine by me. The southern area of Ridgewood (St.Nicholas, Cypress Hills, Seneca) has become a lot worse then I remember when I was a kid - thus the low rents.
If the hipsters mmove in that would be fantastic!!! There parents money is welcome and appreciated!! Maybe they can push out the problem people that have moved in and destroyed that neighborhood that I call home.

Anonymous said...

Funny, every neighborhood in this city is getting better, no matter how far in the hole they are.

The only exception is Queens. There, unless you are subject to mass clearing (we used to call it Urban Renewal) your neighborhood is being hollowed out for the tweeded.

Thank you clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

To the last posting - all those neighborhoods that are getting better are getting better because the hipsters are moving in.
I am sure you will dispute this and if you choose to do so then explain why, if not because of the hipsters and the yuppies?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Astoria prior to the "yupster "invasion!

Mark my words,
even downtrodden East New York will "come up" soon.

Quick....get out of the way!
Here comes the stampede of "artists" !

In Williamsburg they were called "the artizen"
by the Chassidim.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters, yuppies, yupsters....
all synonymous for people on the move,
with no roots or stake in a community....
except for lapping up lattes
and engaging in "philosophic" exchanges
while passing the sugar.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand you people.
You hate the yuppies that may move in more than the crackheads and low life's that destroy the neighborhood now?

Anonymous said...

This reinforces my point from the other post about all the "yuppie" jealousy here.

Anonymous said...

Crackheads and lowlifes? There is an influx of hard-working Poles here. What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

"Hipsters, yuppies, yupsters....
all synonymous for people on the move, with no roots or stake in a community"

Just possing through, but staying long enough to drive everyone else out.

Anonymous said...

As a working-class, 4th-generation native of Ridgewood, the notion of the neighborhood being taken over by hipsters is very depressing to me. But that's the way of Bloomberg-era NYC, so I guess all that's left to say is... will the last real New Yorker to leave please turn out the lights?

The real Ridgewood will still live on in my memories.

PS: Whoever wrote that article is obviously getting Bushwick and Ridgewood mixed up. Ridgewood has always been a pretty nice neighborhood, Bushwick not so much!

Anonymous said...

To mister 4th generation and to "crackheads and lowlifes? what crackheads and lowlifes?

Obviously you have not traveled to the old neighborhood lately or you are in denial.

Almost all or Ridgewood west of Forest Avenue has gone to crap.
It's not because of hipsters or shoddy developers, there are very few of both. It is because of the people who started moving in around the early to mid-nineties.
Walk down Putnam Avenue from Forest to Cypress Hills street and show me where all the poles are?
All the poles are near Fresh Pond Road. Seneca Ave and Cypress Hills Street are downright dirty and dangerous.
Face it, western Ridgewood is a demilitirized zone. If you dont believe me ask the 104 precinct. You cant get a cop in Glendale or Middle Village because they are all patrolling Seneca Avenue.
The old Germans all moved out and live in Franklin Square and Westchester and are now absentee slum lords.
Hipsters would be great because slowly but surely they would pushout the undesirables that live there now and you have to admit the only people that move into a bad neighborhood and make it good are the hipsters.

Unkaknown said...

SO that we're all on the same page, bad neighborhood/problem people = non-white to some of you guys, right? I grew up in Ridgewood and can tell you that Fresh Pond Road was host to a good deal of criminal activity, know what I mean? Thankfully, the Poles moved into Fresh Pond and gave the area a little more class.

BTW...what the hipsters hate most about Queens is not the hard working ethnic population, but the backward natives. Some of you may not get along too well with them.

Anonymous said...

Western Ridgewood is full of hard working Puerto Ricans and Poles. There are some hipsters moving in but they are few. The areas south of Metropolitan Avenue are still livable.

Ivan said...

I am moving to Ridgewood this summer. And I'm so excited. I really hope that Its not ran by yuppies and hipsters. I guess I could be considered a yuppie or a hipster based on my appearance. And maybe that the problem, everyone always just assumes something that's so far from the truth. I, myself included. I'm moving here because of low rent and easy access to the city! I promise I'm not moving in to take over. I can't wait for the local ran shops... buy local right?

Basically, I just want to come live with you guys...

Anonymous said...

Ridgewood is run by neither yuppies nor hipsters but by Hispanics that stay up all night and blast their barrio music into your windows.