Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's certainly the right color...

Here you go folks. This one, according to Brownstoner, is in Brooklyn. It's nice how the open porch next door was blocked off.

People who usually aren't from Queens wonder why at times this blog features buildings & overdevelopment outside of the borough. It's quite simple. We are part of the big city, and our bridges carry traffic in both directions. What's in your backyard one day will be in ours the next, and vice versa.

We're going to enjoy presenting the rest of our Manhattan collection in upcoming days, and look forward to your feedback. The sliver building was only the beginning.


Anonymous said...


Think again.

This kind of crap can be easily built anywhere!

No nabe is immune (except, ahem, historic districts)!

Of course there will be borough style variations
of these crap designs!

Anonymous said...

I bet they miss the view of the overgrown vacant lot full of abandoned cars this building replaced.

Anonymous said...

That lot could have become a park. Not now. Oh well.