Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Destroying our past and hurting our future

This video was taken after the St. Saviour's rally back in July of last year, when Maspeth Development, LLC decided to rip down 185 trees, some dating back to 1846 and some with active nests in them.

I wonder if this little guy's parents have now gently explained to him that the baby birds died because Mayor Bloomberg wants to pretend to run for president.

Wait until he's older and understands more about the history of the site, the significance of the architecture and the blatant corruption involved here.


ken said...

whenever somebody tried chopping down a tree that Woody Wooodpecker was inhabiting he'd start pecking away at the villian's head. Would be cool if ones about Queens did so too.

jerry rotondi said...

I can almost assure you "Ken",
that if Woody Woodpecker
were to peck at Bloomberg's heart
(assuming that he has one) ,
there would probably be an iceberg in it !

Global warming hasn't affected "hizzoner" !

His eccentric (almost senile) old rich man's
approach to governance
amounts to nothing less than spitting in the face
of the average New Yorker whom he considers to be beneath his superior status.

After all, doesn't Pappa Bloomberg
know what's best for his little children ?

Speaking more bluntly....
if you're not of his class you get kicked in the ass !

Anonymous said...

I hope former teacher Helen Marshall sees this.

Even if she did, we will never know.

The media in Queens shields the politicans from the public.


Anonymous said...

More biased censorship from Queens Crap. You are sad.

Queens Crapper said...

No, you know what's sad? A development company searching for the terms "Asian" "Flushing" "College Point", "Main Street" etc. and then sending in comments like, "Asian people look like aliens from outer space" "Asians are shitting all over Queens" etc, etc. I'll be revealing who this development company is soon, if they don't knock it off.

Julie said...

That kid is soooooo cute! And smart, too. When I think of the kind of future he has to look forward to, I want to cry.

ken said...

nifty rhyme Jerry.
Mayor Mike seems to think that we, too, are "unaffected by Global warming."
Cause despite his fronts of caring about the environment and planting bitsy saplings here and there, his administration has been felling mature trees left and right.

ps The kid sure does look smart alright. What a contemplative expression he has.

Anonymous said...

I meant that you are sad for refusing to post a comment that it is scary how adults are instilling in this boy the idea that God will punish the people that they do not like, and that you are using this boy and a lame Bloomberg conspiracy theory to divert blame away from the actions of the "community activists" on this matter.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, what they said is that God would punish those who destroyed his church, not because they "don't like" certain people. Whether you agree with that statement or not, it is a pretty common belief in most religions that you will be punished if you desecrate a house of worship.

I'm curious to understand what "blame" you think the community activists have. If it weren't for a small band of concerned citizens, that church would have been history 2 years ago. You are the one that's sad if you believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...


Everytime we see a politican and his developer buddy telling us how our community has just been sold for a campaign donation, bring out the kids, whose legacy was stolen.

They will lose the parks, they will go to a school without a desk for them, they will be stuck with the tax burden from overdevelopment.

Brilliant. A child's face adds the human dimension to a developers' press release.

Lets see if the newspapers pick it up (well, I know, I know, he has to be the child of an immigrant for them to give it that unique Queens cred and be worthy of coverage)

Anonymous said...

Put this kid'c face on every poster about St Saviour