Sunday, February 3, 2008



NYPD officers are taking longer to respond to non-emergency calls.

Response times swelled by six seconds in 2007 - to 7 minutes, 6 seconds - from the year before.

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., chair of the Public Safety Committee, blamed the increase on dwindling manpower that is reaching the "crisis" point.

"If we don't hire some new officers quickly we may be straining our resources past the breaking point," the Queens Democrat said.

But the NYPD's average response time for emergencies, such as felonies in progress, improved in 2007 for the third consecutive year.

The citywide average for those incidents was 4 minutes, 30 seconds, a 6-second decrease from 2006, the NYPD said.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne maintained that the overall response numbers were "steady."

During his tenure, Mayor Bloomberg has reduced the NYPD's headcount by more than 4,000 officers through attrition.

"People forget that we had 41,000 police officers in 2001," Vallone said. "We are down to under 36,000 now."

Despite the smaller force, for the first time in at least 45 years the city finished the year with fewer than 500 homicides.

Critical response times on Staten Island rose for the first time in three years by 6 seconds - to 5 minutes, 42 seconds. Non-emergency responses also increased - to 8 minutes, 42 seconds, up from 8 minutes, 24 seconds, nearly a minute more than any other borough.


Anonymous said...


Everyone knows this. Why in the hell are they adding a few 100,000 people to the community, Peter?


Anonymous said...

Because this decline in service is acceptible as it is still better than the towns the immigrants came from.

This is clever way to run government.

But cutting back on things like firehouses and the like, you can save money on muncipal services (and send that savings over to city planning to build even more barracks,) and get a cheaper (and more docile) workforce at the same time.

Very very smart. You even get the trouble makers who complain and want quality of life things to move.

Win win win across the board.

Anonymous said...

I can count on one hand -and not use all of my fingers - the number of times the 102 Pct. has responded at all to quality of life issues (and I've kept records for the past five years).

Anonymous said...

Response times, are you shitting me!!! I had a hit and run accident driving down Brookville and called the cops to report it...after waiting an hour and then leaving the scence because i was ready to stroke the fuck out, i get a call 3 hrs asking if i was still at the scene b/c the cops just got there. after telling them i left they said that they could come over to me and take a statement. After giving my address they tell me, " sorry you live in nassau county and have to go your nearest precint to file a report!! and thats why i fucking hate the NYPD

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the neighborhood
that Don "junior" Vallone lives in gets
deluxe service from the NYPD
(the FDNY, Con Ed & the like)
while everybody else is supposed to "shove it" !

That blood sucking dynasty
begat by "Charlie the judge" has got to go !

You don't want any of his SOB grandsons to
further themselves in public office at
our expense!

Are your ears burning Pete junior ?

Anonymous said...

A decline in service may be related to Johnny
Law moonlighting as pimps for underage girls.
Those late nights will tire a pig out.