Sunday, February 3, 2008

City planning at its finest - Astoria

The large empty piece of property at left was formerly a gas station. Plans were recently rejected for a 12-story, 110-unit pile of crap. (Did you forget the community facility?)

And the 85-foot tall tower next door blends in well with the rest of the neighborhood, eh? It used to be 2 small houses.

Here's the scene before:

No mention of this sort of thing in this article, though:

The Neighborhoods of Queens: Astoria


Lucio said...

I see this garbage everyday and wonder how the hell they got away with building at this height. 21st street is really going down the tubes with the monstrosities that are going up. Just look at yesterday's post about the 5 consecutive row houses getting razed. When the profit margins are this high, city planning really needs to intervene in order to prevent utter chaos. Regulation people! That's why we have the SEC and FDA, why should something as serious as development remain virtually unregulated?

Phony Valloney said...

as long as it ain't visible from my office window what the f*ck do I care.

Anonymous said...

History buffs will enjoy discovering one of the oldest parts of the neighborhood, Hallets Cove,


Two Coves is the effort by Goodwill Industries (which tore down a 150 year old mansion for their monsterous social service factility) to take over the neighborhood and rebrand Old Astoria (getting rid of any mention of the old historic neighborhood and making it one big Tweeded preserve)

Anonymous said...

as long as it ain't visible from my office window what the f*ck do I care.


Thank you Mr Developer. The community board, politicians, and local newspapers love you.

This is how you pay us back.

Anonymous said...

Community Board 1, the community board from hell.

This is what the rest of the city will look like someday if we dont stop these yos in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

21st street is built on a swamp. In a few decades all those buildings will start to sink.

Considering the community's current leadership in the the 70s what the #$^% do they care.

Like Elmhurst, it will be full of clueless immigrants by then.

Anonymous said...

HANAC is building out of scale buildings everywhere.

15 storys at Astoria Blvd right off the bridge.

9 storys on 33rd Street by the Presbyterian Church (on a 3 stroy block)

Anonymous said...

What yuppies? Brazilian yuppies, Bangaldeshi yuppies, Ecquadorian yuppies, Morroccan yuppies, Greek yuppies, and in a few years, Mexican yuppies.

yuppie yuppies?

Myth more than reality but makes great real estate copy.

Anonymous said...

21ST Street is a wasteland with Crap springing up all over, now a hot dusty, desert - no man's land. This could have been a very desirable corridor if downzoned. But no - it's too late, now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hallets Cove should be renamed
Wallet's Cove.

That questionably connected doctor/developer
that owns the nearby
(landmarked....ha, ha) Sohmer piano factory
seems to have bought out all resistance
to his alteration and building plans!

Anonymous said...

Its anything goes!

Looks like buildings are going up every open space, disregarding on how its looks, just get the biggest bang for buck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry. A certain young man will be chatting with the community board and local pols to make certain THEIR backyard is donwzoned.

The rest of Astoria needs only to be kept in the dark uselessly spinning their wheels until he is finished.

Anonymous said...

I have first-hand experience with the people building on that side. Beware, your lives are in danger.