Saturday, February 2, 2008

Business as usual in Elmhurst

Members of Community Board 4 are raising a stink over a construction site in Elmhurst plagued by violations and illegal work.

CB4 angered by Elmhurst construction site problems

Work has been stopped twice in the last five months at the former auto parts store Big Boys Toys at 85-01 Queens Blvd. on Sept. 21 and Oct. 27. A portion of the building still stands, but may soon be torn down if the developers receive a demolition permit.

On Jan. 15, inspectors found work continuing at the site despite the stop-work order and issued a follow-up violation.

CB 4 Environmental Committee Chairman Tom MacKenzie said he reported the site to the city Department of Buildings several times.


ken said...

like many have said, the fines for building violations need to be substantially increased. If a developer knew they'd have to pay 10 g's for violating a stop work order, if caught, they might think twice about doing so.

Anonymous said...

Right On to the high fines. Maybe that would work. Nothing else seems to be!

loyal citizen said...

Higher fines all the way! Perhaps these lawbreakers will someday learn their lesson, and our neighborhoods won't look so decrepit in turn, if there's anything left.

It's hard to believe that Big Boys Toys went out. I remember their expansion in the late 90s, and it always seemed to be a prosperous business. Perhaps they were bought out by developers who are only interested in a buck? No loss architecturally though, but what (eyesore) will rise in its place?

Anonymous said...

Once again, lawlessness
in the organized (crime?) building industry
remains unchecked.

This is worse than "old tyme" Cicero (Chicago Ill.)
when Big Al Capone was running things!

Where are are Elliot Nesses when we need them?

All we've got are the real estate mogul families
like the one that spawned Elliot Spitzer
for governor to "front" for them !