Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1st hat thrown into Council District 32 ring

Running for Addabbo's seat is Frank Gulluscio, District Manager of Community Board 6.

Gulluscio Taking Aim at City Council Seat


Anonymous said...

Now doesn't that look like a mouth-breather ?

Where does central casting find these guys ?

Maybe he'll audition for a return of the Sopranos !

Anonymous said...

Can this guy get a real job in the private sector? Here's a 60-year old fat guy working as a district manager of a community board making 50k. Believe me we need someone with half a brain, not this schmuck.

Anonymous said...

I though that CB district managers
made upwards of $75,000.

Maybe I'm wrong.
That's what I heard that CB#7's Bitterman gets.

That's a lot of potatoes!

Anonymous said...

What ever did happened to the fur coat (?)
that (was it Reggie Colletta?) came back
with from Taiwan in the early 80's ?

Was that the same trip that Donny Manes,
Gary Ackerman,Tommy Huang and
a bunch of our "elected" officials took ?

What was it....to foster "understanding"
between both our countries....h-n-m-m-m ?

Wasn't it around campaign contribution time ?

Anonymous said...

This might be the race of all races! Gulluscio, Ulrich, Larkin and Simon. Gulluscio is the favorite, Larkin could be second with ulrich and Simon fighting for most unliked...