Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tree plan shows Bloomberg hypocrisy

Under the plan, Mr. Bloomberg proposes the parks department spend $400 million to plant 600,000 trees over the next decade, about 220,000 along streets and 380,000 in other city-controlled property like parks and traffic medians. Of course, a new mayor will be elected in two years so it is not clear if the effort would be maintained.

Bid for a Million Trees Starts With One in Bronx

In addition, new zoning regulations proposed by the Department of City Planning would require street trees for most new development, including major expansions or some changes of use of existing properties.

The city is hoping nonprofit groups, community organizations, businesses, developers and ordinary New Yorkers will plant another 400,000 trees, in backyards and other open spaces at a cost of about $200 million.

Bloomberg lost the opportunity to preserve nearly 200 trees at St. Saviour's, and also is planning to clear-cut thousands of trees growing in the Ridgewood Reservoir - in a park on city-owned property! So forgive me if I am skeptical.


Taxpayer said...

Commissar Bloomberg did not simply lose an opportunity to save the 200 very old trees in Maspeth's Saint Saviour's property, he then intensified his determination to crush the nearby residents by ordering all city agencies to refuse to perform their services for those people.

Oh! Yeah! He didn't stop collecting taxes from these people. He just refuses to provide the required service.

What's this all about? These people were vocal in demanding that the Saint Saviour's property be converted to a park.

The Commissar's response? He sided with the indicted Rapist Gallagher in giving the community the finger.

Over 200 trees were destroyed at Gallagher's instructions. These trees were 150+ years old.

What did the Commissar do? Gave Maspeth and its taxpaying, hardworking citizens the finger. Apparently, Bloomberg values rape more than work.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care about the trees that are growing in the old, dry reservoir basins that haven't been used in 20+ years and which serve no purpose to anyone? Cut them down if it's required to do something useful with the reservoir.

Queens Crapper said...

The reservoir basins were fenced off by DEP which is why no one used them for 20 years. You have to scale down a wall to get down into the bottom of the basins. All they have to do to get more people to use them is to build a ramp and a network of trails. Trees clean the environment and therefore "serve a purpose" to everyone. If you watch the video, you'll see it's a thriving natural habitat.

Julie said...

"Cut them down if it's required to do something useful with the reservoir."

Why do people always look only at what every piece of land can "do" for them? First of all, this is a natural spot in an area that doesn't have much nature. A nature preserve and education center would serve a useful purpose and still allow the site to remain natural. And if you don't find trees "useful" then perhaps you need to re-take 9th grade earth science class.

Francine said...

I think the last anonymous poster was either Dennis Gallagher or Matt Gorton. This is their typical thinking.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani started this ad gimmick.....
planting all those little green spaces at corners and intersections......
bearing his administration's name!

Are these trees going to sport bronze tags stating
"contributed by Bloomberg".

H-m-m-m....we'll be paying for it out of our taxes .

jerry rotondi said...

Bloomberg turned his head away
while approximately 200 old growth trees
were unceremoniously murdered
at the St. Saviour's site.

And JPCA took the heat for a silly cartoon
that I drew....which suggested those trees
hang "his honor" and the other perps in effigy.

That's democracy for damn hypocrites !