Sunday, October 7, 2007

Selling Big Allis

National Grid announced that it will be moving expeditiously to divest the Ravenswood Generating Station, which was acquired as part of the company's August 24 acquisition of KeySpan Corp. Divestiture of the plant was a condition of the New York State Public Service Commission order approving the acquisition of KeySpan by National Grid.

"National Grid is committed to moving this process quickly forward to meet the requirements and expectations of the New York PSC," said Steve Holliday, chief executive of National Grid. "We expect to announce the winning bidder by the end of the first quarter of 2008. Subject to regulatory approvals, this timetable is well in advance of the three year period allowed by the New York PSC."

Ravenswood Generating Station, a 2,400-megawatt facility in Queens, N.Y. is primarily fueled by natural gas and provides approximately 25 percent of New York City's electricity supply.


Anonymous said...

This is a terrorist target in plain sight. Why do you think Bloomberg is afraid to stay in another target on the river?

They are shutting down plants in Manhattan, why not Queens?

The plant should be moved into a secure location.

One well placed shot and the city would be brought to its knees.

It slowly is killing the local community with its pollution.

It should become a park.

Anonymous said...

Regarding our inadequate power grid:

Dateline.....Bell Blv'd, Bayside....approximately between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00 P.M.
Saturday, October 6, 2007.....
and.....I was there !

A Con Ed manhole cover was blown into the air.....
flames and a plume of dark oily
burning plastic smelling (PCB laden???)
acrid smoke spilled out onto the busy street.

We were told later that it could have been
a transformer explosion.

It's a good thing
that I wasn't crossing the street at the time.
I might have been launched
while others who were lunching
in the nearby Bourbon Street Restaurant ,
would have bemusedly watched me!

Con Ed smoked ribs New Orleans style
were certainly the featured item on the menu
that day.

The FDNY responded....
NYPD had to block off the area.

I retreated back into the shop
that I had been just patronizing....
since I had no wish to inhale the toxic fumes
which you could smell for blocks.

There have already been several reported
power "incidents" and momentary outages here during the past summer months.

Could over development have been the root cause
of recent electrical service problems
in beautiful downtown Bayside ?

Now nobody here is going to admit to that.....
it would be bad for business....
particularly the business of selling real estate!

mazeartist said...

Expect more waterfront condo towers in place of the power plant. You want a public waterfront promenade? What do you think this is? Manhattan?

Anonymous said...

They may just be selling it to a new owner.

Anonymous said...

I want a terrace overlooking a smokestack 100 feet away.

I want to open the door to that terrace so my kids can get big chestfulls of toxic chemicals.

Amd most importantly, I want to cut the Astoria community off from their waterfront.

My building owner payed enough for the communty's birthright.