Saturday, October 6, 2007

Operation Impact for Construction

Click on the column to enlarge. From Metro, October 2nd, 2007.


Taxpayer said...

This idea sounds reasonable and should be studied. The infrastructure exists. The existing NYPD CompStat software can be adapted to the needs of DOB. NYPD could transfer management processes to DOB, and DOB could gain its own expertise to use such a system effectively.

What's needed? The will to solve the problems stemming from development and overdevelopment and hyper development.

How will that happen? All new bodies from mayor down through all the agencies. All new bodies in the city council and state legislature.

Re-elect the perps and you get more of what we already have plenty of.

Anonymous said...

On the surface, I like the idea of creating "hot zones"
where rampant building is going on
and where DOB can concentrate its forces.

But...."aye....there's the rub...." or the fly in the ointment!

Where does that leave (what DOB might determine to be) the "cold Zones" in my borough......
where (comparatively) where
"less" building is going on......without protection ?

And which are to be labeled Queens' "hot zones".....
LIC, Flushing, Jamaica, Corona/Elmhurst......
h-m-m-m-m ?

A carefully adjusted and reasonable slowing down of the building process.......or
(yeah....right....G-d forbid) a building moratorium
might make some more sense for a while.

Other areas have successfully already adopted
this measure.

Ha, ha, ha.....but this is New York....
where the injured in battle
and the mounting body count on construction sites are viewed as acceptable levels of collateral damage
in the pursuit of divine "progress"!