Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flood 2017

Hey, great news...DEP is forming a task force!

As the task force focuses its microscope on Queens' neighborhoods, it will be looking to develop an emergency flood-response plan, an outreach and education plan to help residents better prepare for flooding and a mitigation plan for so-called flooding "hot spots," Lloyd said.

Explain why the city was operating without this in the first place...

Task force to create city flood solutions

Lloyd said that as the task force does its work, DEP will increase the number of inspections and catch-basin cleaning in flood-prone areas.

The problem is that people flooded where there never were floods before, so it appears you have to clean ALL the catch basins, Emily.

"We will measure sewer flows for a year to better understand the causes of the problems and assess where infrastructure should be altered," Lloyd said, adding that the DEP plans to spend $2.8 billion to rebuild the city's sewage system by 2017.

How about meeting with the people who had a foot of crap in their basements this past summer? Why won't you do that? 2017 is a long time to have to wait for relief.


Anonymous said...

The people appointed to the task force will play nice and after the headlines die down it will be disbanded after a bland report saying eveything is fine.

The first thing the task force should do is stop more development in the flood zones.

But they wouldn't so the whole thing, like 'community boards' is an excercise in bull crap.

Jennifer said...

. . .. or the task force will find that there is no flooding problem in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really trust Emily Lloyd as commissioner of DEP? Water and sewer bills might go up ANOTHER 18 percent in a few months after they just went up 11 percent in June. The reason is that revenue is down and Emily Lloyd doesn't know why. She's running that agency into the ground.

Anonymous said...

the task force should be cleaning out the sewers and catch basins instead of walking around with clip boards !!!!!

Anonymous said...

They want to tax us more for water, when they can't even keep the overdevelopment flood water at bay. Ironic.

You can bet not one dime of any water rate increase will be spent on improving sewer lines.

A tax on developers to improve sewers, con ed, phone, etc should have been in place years ago. Instead bloomturd rather just stick it to the people every chance he gets.

georgetheatheist said...

Leave the Mayor alone. He has to take care of both his Upper East Side residence AND his London abode.

He is a very busy man.

Anonymous said...

It'll be a DEP task farce!

Flood 'em 'em out.....force 'em out !

Hollow out these neighborhoods
in preparation for the over development
that is planned for this area.....
witness what's already happening
at the St. Saviour's site.

These are "the plans" for this area
that the Deptartment of City Plotting
has secretly stowed away
on its back shelves!

Anonymous said...


You can't kick ass if you're busy holding your ankles!

verdi said...

you should check out the Mayor's grand digs
in Bermuda!

It looks like a rock star's sprawling villa
and makes the old Kennedy compound look cheap !