Friday, October 5, 2007

DOB approval for FH shopping center

After having his plans rejected by city officials and getting slapped with multiple stop-work orders, a developer finally got the green light last week to start building a small shopping center in Forest Hills.

But some residents remain suspicious of the project, charging that the developer has been “secretive” about his exact plans for the site, at Metropolitan and 71st avenues.

Building Plans Get Green Light, But Residents Disapprove

“If this place complies (with city codes) and the tenant is acceptable, nobody’s going to object,” she said. “But when everybody’s in such a rush to put up new buildings and everything is so hush-hush, secret-secret, people are naturally going to get upset.”


Anonymous said...

They're building a new litterbox for Katz's late-night canoodling with developers...

Taxpayer said...

Well, well, well. Colin Gustafson actually wrote a report that included quotes from a variety of concerned parties.

It's far harder to report like that than when the report is simply one-sided.

Let's hope the quotes are accurate. Time will tell. But, otherwise, keep it up Colin, and pretty soon you'll be useful.

Anonymous said...

Who is "boinking" Katz at the moment.....Mattone ?