Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cold War crap?

This is some pretty bland 1980s-era crap. Though we were waging the Cold War internationally, parts of the Unites States were apparently inspired by drab Soviet-style utilitarian architecture.

62-36 59th Drive

There are 11 units here. At least there are a lot of green shrubs outside. Hopefully, those trees will grow quickly and cover up the rest of the sight that's hard on the eyes.


Anonymous said...

Gives a new meaning to the word 'barracks.'

Anonymous said...

Lets see, 11 apartments each one with 5-10 people.

Burned out power grid? Check
Overburdened sewers? Check
Waterbills through the roof? Check

Welcome to Queens!!!

Anonymous said...

What is matter comrade, you no like drab brick apartment building/flophouse?