Thursday, October 4, 2007

CB3 gets chuckle out of FEMA

Two women from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and two from the Small Business Administration were at the meeting to convey information to anyone who suffered flood damage as a result of the August 8 rainfall. The FEMA representatives, Kim Anderson and Jane Kennedy, encouraged all those who thought they might qualify for FEMA grants to apply for them. The agency would then evaluate the applications. FEMA’s local disaster assistance service center is at 137-77 Northern Blvd., and Spanish and Korean translators are available.

Anderson said when an application is submitted, a FEMA inspector visits the applicant’s home within a week to 10 days to evaluate conditions there. One flood victim complained that she incurred $85,000 in damage repair expenses for her flooded basement and was told she did not qualify for a FEMA grant. Kennedy said that FEMA does not as a rule deal with flooded basements, a declaration that drew laughter. The disqualified applicant said she had read all the FEMA literature she was given and found no such disclaimer anywhere. Jennifer Manley, a representative from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office to Board 3 and other boards in Queens, said that was the first time she had heard about it, too.

Giovanna Reid, the board’s district manager, said that nearly all disaster claims she is aware of in the district have involved flooded basements and sewage deposits therein. The SBA representatives, Bonnie Wright and Betty Fuentes, went over the procedure of applying for low-interest loans, either home disaster loans for homeowners and renters or economic injury disaster loans for working capital to small businesses.

Board 3 Hears From FEMA

Maybe if the community affairs unit actually went out and talked to flooding victims instead of writing offensive letters to community groups and boycotting their meetings, they would know what is going on with regards to FEMA in Queens. And thank you Congressman Joe Crowley for getting us this important federal assistance... Where are you now that we're getting screwed?


Anonymous said...

With this kind of attitude from FEMA....
I suppose we residents can expect nothing less
than a mismanaged mini New Orleans type
of "relief & rescue"" operation for our area!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Jennifer Manley
might even surpass Matt Gorton
in being out of touch with the community
he was supposed to serve.

The CAU itself seems to be functioning
mainly as a patronage job employer
that's primarily in the business
of dispensing sugar pills to an ailing community
in lieu of providing any a real remedies!

Thanks for your interest Mayor Mike.
Good job Natzli!

Anonymous said...

This would have been ignored if it wasn't his basement...

Anonymous said...

It looks like Jennifer Manley
might even surpass Matt Gorton
in being out of touch with the community
he was supposed to serve.


Someone should check her coverage of Sunnyside Gardens while she was on the Chronicle.


Speaks volumes about her attitude about the people she is to serve, or should we say, 'manage?'

We got your number sister.

Anonymous said...

Before her tenure at the Chronicle, the New Hampshire native worked for a private fire investigation firm, where she became certified as a fire explosion investigator.

She graduated from Vermont’s Lyndon State College in 2001 with a degree in journalism and literature. She roots for the Mets, but is a diehard Red Sox fan.

'Nuff said.

Taxpayer said...

FEMA apparently believes that flood damage starts on the upper floors - perhaps even the roof - before the water trickles down to lower floors, including the basement. It seems that homeowners in Queens failed to control the waters sufficiently to have the flooding start higher up on the property.

Why did Manley not know how FEMA operates? Is it a failure of her own curiosity about FEMA? Is she too quick to tend to Bloomberg's sensitivities about criticism? Has she no independent thoughts regarding what needs to be done? Is she terrorized by Bloomberg? Has he already harassed her and she is now intimidated? Why did Parvizi select Manley? Why did Bloomberg select Parvizi?

Answers are printed daily in the reports on Bloomberg's personal participation in the day-to-day operations of the harassment sleaze he claims he no longer operates.

Never forget that Bloomberg is nothing more than a common Wall Street lying sexual harasser! Real men have no use for this type, so he must rely on people's fears and ambitions to have his way with them.