Saturday, October 6, 2007

Balanced reporting

Not only did the Queens Gazette dedicate full pages to these two incumbent pols' fundraisers, they wasted their color pages to do so:

Vallone fundraiser draws 150+

Astorians show support for Onorato at fundraiser

Well, what did you expect them to do at his fundraiser...heckle him?

Photo from Queens Gazette


georgetheatheist said...

Check out the Onorato fundraiser photos...Va-va-voom the decolletage on Marilyn Levine.

[Thanks Tony Barsamian for that photo.]

The Spanked Monkey said...

George, you're right. It's better than my old National Geographics!

Anonymous said...

Growin' a little bald n growin' a little fat.

Too much pasta in the belly
and too much $$$$$$$$ in the pocket!

Everybody's kissin' Don "Junior" Vallone's ass.....
because the godfather won't take kindly to criticism!

He'll penalize your neighborhood
if you speak out and interrupt the cash flow
from the developers that back him.

Better to kiss his ring!

Anonymous said...

the Queens Gazette is a joke publication.

Anonymous said...

Well, so much for serving the community and doing the public a service by keeping politicians at arms lenght.

The piece on Onorato makes Astorians gag - he is totally out of touch (well he does fund Dutch Kills and Italian charities while ignoring just about everyone else in the community)

Come on guys, his Henny Youngman schtick is tired - time to send him out to pasture.

Your community deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Ohh great.. another political dynasty. The Vallone clones

Sunnyside of Life said...

Vallone wears make-up, dyes his hair jet black and is getting more plugs in the coming weeks. This guy looks like a martian. He's heading for Michael Jacksonville.

Trixie said...

George you're a sick bastard.

I thought Schenkler was bad but you're just as messed up, if not worse.

For everyone out there, I've been sick for the last 6 weeks but I'm making a comeback. Turning 40 has some drawbacks.
I switched my ad to the Bayside Times.

georgetheatheist said...

"Sick Bastard" eh?

I'm a red-blooded American HE-MAN, a connoisseur of a fine female form now and then. And Ms Levine is indeed a beautiful voluptuary.

Trixie, are you jealous?

Can YOU "stack-up" to Marilyn?

Anonymous said...

is trixie really a flesh pedler or is she just putting us on?

Anonymous said...

ps sorry to hear she was unwell.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke.

These guys tried to 'develop' Bohemian hall 15 years ago.

Now they show up for a photo op.

The 'reporting' makes you gag.

Trixie said...

George, jealous? Please... don't flatter yourself, I've seen you in person. You belong in a bell tower or under a bridge. Sorry but you asked for it.

See my ad in the Bayside Times.

georgetheatheist said...

"I" asked for it? Moi?

I leave it to the esteemed readers of this quite astute blog just WHO started this name calling?

Huh? Huh? (Trixie: "'re a sick bastard")

But, magnimous one that I am, I truly forgive you.

Now be a nice "girl" and apologize for the nastiness directed towards me.

Anonymous said...

now shake hands, take to your corners, and at the sound of the bell come out fighting...

(And remember, no low blows.)