Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aqueduct to become Shinnecock casino?

A Native American tribe is set to drop a bombshell bid to build and run the city's first casino — a $1.4 billion gaming palace at Aqueduct Racetrack, the Daily News has learned.

Local tribe ready to roll dice on casino bid at Aqueduct

The last-minute proposal may be a long shot, but the Shinnecock Indians are hoping to entice the city and state with the prospect of a half-billion dollars in revenue a year.

The bid calls for a million-square-foot casino with 10,500 slots, 350 gaming tables and 12,000 employees. A 1,200-room hotel and other amenities would be built with community input, the tribe says.

Tribe Proposes a Casino for a Queens Racetrack


Anonymous said...

Smells like another Aqueduct deal like the one years ago when Home Depot was the beneficiery of another governor's creative finance and the community got screwed by Serf who let him do it.

chief buffalo $$$$$'s said...

Tobacco gambling.
Let's f--k the "white eyes"
for the destruction of our culture !

mazeartist said...

The Shinnecocks are not native to this area, they are native to the South Fork of Long Island! They should build a casino there. Of course their wealthy white neighbors may object to the increased traffic jams, so they chose Ozone Park instead!

I'm all for giving some land back to the natives and for promoting Native American culture, but a casino is not the way to do it.

I would not object to giving the Aqueduct back to the Natives, as long as it does not become a casino.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a tribe to start a business venture that benefits their tribe? If the state is so gung-ho on a casino, why can't the state run it and give jobs to everyone and reap the full benefits and profits for the people in the state of NY? The tribe originates from the East end of Long Island. Let them build their casino there. Since NY State is already ahead of the game by having the track there, it wouldn't cost that much money to modify the property into a casino. The State should have done this years ago when they proposed casino gambling in the Rockaways. They didn't and as a result built housing projects. Not much of an economic income producer. Instead of raising everyone's taxes every year, build the casino to benefit the State -- NOT THE TRIBE.

Anonymous said...

No No No! Let them keep trying to build their casino on their land in the Hamptons. It would not work here. Too congested.

I bet those who have a home in the Hamptons will be backing this nightmare. They have been in the courts fighting the casino being built in their upscale area for quite some time. The Hamptonites will be supporting it being built in Ozone Park and putting their money behind it. A perfect example of not in my backyard.

Poor Queens....we always get screwed. Not this time.....we have to fight this.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a done deal anyway. I'd rather the state reap the monetary benefit than the tribe. I'm sure the Hamptonites don't want it in their backyard, so they'll dump it in Queens. Get ready -- it's coming. The politicians don't care about congestion, they only care about money. They don't care if they screw the people -- they only care about lining their pockets.

Anonymous said...

What not so brilliant pol, besides Spitzer, is behind this one?

Carol said...

Yeh, Spitzer and which organized crime family?

This is not a good thing.

The premise that legalized gambling undercuts illegal operations has proven false throughout our country. In actuality it has been a boon to mob gambling operations.

Organized crime has tried to infiltrate Indian casinos before. I believe unfortunately that at least some of the politicians and members of the tribe are, or will be, either paid or unpaid frontmen.

Anonymous said...

This great for New York and Queens, it will bring billions in tax revenue to New York City and provide thousands of jobs ti New Yorkers, plus we can play poker legally!!!!

Anonymous said...

keep any more gambling away from our schools ( and children of course)

georgetheatheist said...

Let's end this so-called "Indian" racket once and for all.

"Native [sic]-Americans came over the Bering Strait. They should properly be referred to as "Beringians". They massacred the real natives, a caucasian presence known as the Solutrean culture which originally populated the continent. The Solutreans migrated across the Arctic crescent from what is now southern France-northern Spain. Evidence of the Solutrean pre-eminence: the Clovis point arrowhead and the remains of the Kennewick Man.

Mazeartist, these "Beringinans" are not deserving ANY land. Their ancestors stole land from the indigenous white people.

Anonymous said...

There is no conclusive proof of your Solutrean theory, save a few arrowheads. It has as much truth as Thor Heyerdahl's fantastic voyage theory.

Let's just accept the fact that the land should belong to the one who conquers it, whether it's the Algonquins, Dutch, English, Trumps, Helmsleys, or Vornado.

Anonymous said...

Finally a casino within the boundaries of NYC!

It's ridiculous that New Yorkers have been forced to ride the bus for 5+ hours (r/t) to AC or Foxwoods to gamble in a legal, safe and controlled environment for more than 25 years.

And it's ridiculous that the huge gambling revenue has gone exclusively to NJ and CT.

Of course personally I'd rather see a casino much more accessible for tourists in Manhattan ... and closer to me, lol!

Anyway, after the city's 2 year long campain against the private cardrooms it's going to be sooo good to be able to play poker "around the corner"!

More power to the Shinnecocks!

georgetheatheist said...

"Let's just accept the fact that the land should belong to the one who conquers it whether it's the Algonquins,..."

The Algonquins and other Beringians did not have deeds. They "owned" property based on the realms of the eagle and buffalo. Western culture - the Dutch, English, and the latter's modern-day descendants: Trump, Helmsley, Vornado - introduced the concept of longitude and latitude in measuring the earth, in written deeds based on surveying (a la colonial land grants and the Mason-Dixon Line)

Show me a Shinnecock deed that was ever filed in a Shinnecock county clerk's office.

Anonymous said...

Rebuild Flushing's RKO Keith's
as a posh gambling casino for the Matinecock tribe
which did inhabit the area!

And f--k Boymelgreen, Chuck Appelian &CB#7,
Myra Baird Herce,
Flushing Chamber (pot) of Commerce,
the BID, Chinses Business Assn. , and all
the crooked clubhouse politicos and their lobby groups.

Oh yes ......stick it to the EDC & Der Mayor too !

Anonymous said...

A casino on this site would be fantastic. I can see something similar to Montreal's casino. But the NY politicians will screw it up.

FRANCIS said...

Don't we have enough Casinos around ? We go to Atlantic City, drive and all. Far away is better. This is only to rejuvenate the race tracks.

Anonymous said...

With so many Asians seen boarding buses
to Atlantic City......
the Keith's Theater would be a good location
for a casino.

I'm going to e-mail Bally after I get off line.

Anonymous said...

To all you supporters who think a casino will bring money to NYC....remember LOTTO. Where is the money?????

Carol said...

RKO Keith's a better location?

1st of all you are within walking distance of one our oldest high schools.

2nd of all Flushing has way TOO much traffic to contend with as it is now.

3rd of all - although Flushing has been assaulted by developers over the last 10 years, and therefore, has few Flushingites left to defend the fort, Whitestone, which is its closest neighbor - WOULD NEVER GO FOR IT!! - and for many good reasons.

Amongst the many reasons - There's also enough prostitution in that area of Flushing now without a casino entering the arena. Prostitution and drugs go hand and hand.

And as far as a casino bringing money into the City - the City has more money now than it has had in years - and our water bills are going up anyway. Only a select few will reap the most earnings from this crap - and it won't be the Indians!