Thursday, July 5, 2007

WTC construction accidents

A ground zero construction worker remains in a coma more than a month after he was injured in one of the most serious accidents at the World Trade Center site since the cleanup after the Sept. 11 attacks, officials say.

He is one of three workers hurt in accidents in recent weeks at the lower Manhattan site, where the number of construction workers has doubled in recent months to more than 600 people a day.

3 construction injuries at WTC site, one that put worker in coma


georgetheatheist said...

I just came back from a brief vacation where I visited the Battlefields of Antietam, Maryland (25,000 deaths on one day in Sept. of 1862) and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (50,000 dead, wounded or missing in 3 days of combat July 1,2,3, l863). These sites are ably protected by the National Park Service. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING gets built on them! These locations are considered hallowed ground. Why should anything be built at Ground Zero? A Freedom Tower? You'd want to work there?

verdi said...

Denial....denial....denial ! You mendicant SOBs !

First it was, "don't worry" to the rescue workers....."the air you breathe is safe" !

What a pack of cowardly NYC bureaucrats (in league with those real estate Devils) who are constantly lying to WTC workers.....and the public !

The WTC is a GRAVESITE people! End of story !
Show some reverence !