Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why Queens is behind in historic districts

When a historic district is born — the city’s 88th, Sunnyside Gardens, was approved on June 26 — its neighborhood frequently becomes two neighborhoods. The street signs within the district are terra-cotta rather than the standard green, but the distinctions go far deeper than signs, involving money, aesthetics, image, even class.

Color War

A 2003 study by the city’s Independent Budget Office found that market values of properties in historic districts are higher and appreciate at a slightly greater rate than those outside historic districts. For example, the study, which covered the years 1975 to 2002, found that the inflation-adjusted prices of properties within historic districts rose by an average of 5.3 percent a year, while those outside historic districts rose by an average of 4.2 percent.

Simply put: Red-lined neighborhoods, many of which are in Queens, can't have historic districts. It interferes with the tweeding.

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Anonymous said...


Only the "privileged" get LPC's nod of approval !

Jackson Heights and Douglas Manor had "juice" and were the first 2 biggies to get historic district status (the Court Square district....Queens' only one tiny block) !

Since Queens was singled out long ago by City Planning to absorb the brunt of much of the over development in our city....historic district status was out of the question for most Queens neighborhoods !

It's all part of the old plan folks !

Anonymous said...

It may interfere with the tweeding, but where in the hell are our allies in preservation? Letting us twist slowly in the wind as they dine on our portion?

Anonymous said...

They're busy washing downs their meal with the wine of cowardice !

Those grapes, I understand, grow well in Queens' various "hysterical society" regions !

Anonymous said...

"Color War" is an odd choice for a headline. What are they referring to exactly?

Anonymous said...

The signs in historic districts are brown. Everyone else gets green. Of course, the racial divide could have been in the mind of the author.

Anonymous said...

It all started with that corrupt.... boil on the ass of humanity....the late Donald Manes !

The LPC (Manhattan-centric, snobbish and lazy as they usually are) wouldn't even consider touching Queens with a ten foot pole because Manes was vehemently ANTI-LANDMARKING ! He and his henchmen at the infamous Board of Estimate would shoot down any proposed landmark designation as quickly as it popped up !

Don't think that there was any change of heart with his malevolent successor Claire Shulman .

She continued to follow her former boss' policies to the letter !
In fact, there were actually MORE designations under Manes than there were under Shulman (check the record for yourselves) !!!

This is the Shul/Manes legacy....deceit and corruption. And now that "pig in a blanket" is heading up the Willets Point Development group !

That's the kind of reward "grandma"gets for selling out our borough !!!