Monday, July 9, 2007

Weiner runs into old pal at ballgame

WEINER IN WICKED CLASH: Congressmember Anthony Weiner (D- Queens, Brooklyn) was sporting a black eye last week in Washington, compliments of Democratic colleague Jim Marshall (D- Georgia). But it didn't have anything to do with any clash over legislation or policy.

Weiner got the shiner when he and Marshall ran into each other - literally and at breakneck speed - on the baseball diamond at the annual Democrats vs. Republicans game nine days ago under the lights at RFK Stadium.

Weiner, wearing a Mets jersey bearing his name, was playing center field in the seventh inning when someone blasted a long fly ball to left center field. Weiner gave chase, got within feet of the ball, dove for it and collided with Marshall, the left fielder.

Weiner lost all chance of making a great catch as Marshall spiked him in the leg with one foot and kicked him in the face with the other, giving him the black eye. Marshall was unhurt.

Worse still, the Republicans won the game, 5- 2, their seventh straight victory, thanks to nine errors recorded by the hapless Dems.

For the Brooklyn-born Weiner, summing up the annual game came easy: "Wait 'til next year," he sighed, to be expected from a lifelong Dodgers fan.

Text from Queens Gazette


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Anonymous said...

"Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

Don't you mean "a bigger doofus"?

Julie said...

If he's a "lifelong Dodger fan" then why was he wearing a Mets jersey?

Anonymous said...

So what? I still want to know why we are short changed on Homeland Security.

Why is everyone giving Hillary a free pass? You cannot bring home the bacon if Alaska and Neveda (which gets our share and then some) have two senators and we have one.

I mean, folks, are we putting her transparent amibitions ahead of our safety?

verdi said...

I'll take a "Ball Park" frank over this Weiner any day !

At least it'll "plump" when you cook it (not that Tony isn't chock full of hot air) !