Sunday, July 15, 2007

Victim wants to sink the Pink

The bruised and broken brunette accusing City Councilman Dennis Gallagher of a demonic sex assault vowed in exclusive interviews with The Post to "prosecute him until he's behind bars."


"I was beaten. I was threatened. I was terrorized," the woman said yesterday, adding that Gallagher warned her not to go to the police.

Known as "Pinky" in some circles because he turns a light shade of red when he drinks, Gallagher "always hires good-looking girls," according to one ex-staffer.

"A married elected official shouldn't be hanging out alone in a back room with a separate entrance," the ex-staffer said. "No good can come from that."

One source said Gallagher once offered her money if she could persuade an attractive friend to sleep with him.

"How much would it cost for you to hook me up with your friend?" Gallagher asked, according to the source.

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

This is ......I wish I could say that I'm shocked.....totally out of hand ! It's damned monstrous !

Maybe it's time for anyone who is running for political office to be required by law to undergo an extensive background check (polygraph test and the whole works) before they can be placed on the ballot.......just like someone who is applying for a high level security security position in the CIA, FBI etc. !!!

KATHLEEN said...


Taxpayer said...

This is where psychotic obsessive self-love leads.

Now, all you deluded believers, what have you got to say now?

Do you still cling to this elfin turd in the idiotic hope that he will throw crumbs your way?

Should you hypocrites have violated Christina's free speech rights so you could avoid the quivers of knowing that your sponsor is a stupid, vicious, violent misogynist rapist?

rob said...

The accuser's comments that she was going to find "priests and monsignors" to vouch for her character is as awkward to read as Holden's comments. As a civic leader, he should've resisted his urge to comment the way he did. A short "no comment" would've been much more appropriate.

Sister Jackie said...

Gallagher the rapist is done... now we have to guess how many years in prison he is facing. I'd say 15 is good.

connie said...

He's a sick bastard! I'd like to hear his explanation for all those bruises on that woman. Shameful!!!

The City Council's Speaker should demand and accept his resignation. And do it before he's arrested.

Jennifer said...

This is sickening.

Anonymous said...

I have never cared for Gallagher, Maltese, Ognibiene and that whole bunch. But I know this woman. Others do as well. A couple support Gallagher, several of us do not. But we are all in full agreement that she is not being totally honest. And that she seems to be enjoying the attention. It's really weird. Besides that, Gallagher is a pig and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Time for him to step down. His personal problems have created political gridlock in his community.

Jennifer said...

"rob said... As a civic leader, he should've resisted his urge to comment the way he did. A short "no comment" would've been much more appropriate.

And, as a NYC Councilman, Gallahger "Should've resisted his urge". Staying away from the bar on a Sunday afternoon, "would've been much more appropriate."

Anonymous said...

"Violated Christina's free speech rights"?

The hypocrites RAPED Christina's free speech rights.

Jennifer said...

Enjoying the attention? I don't know . . . . I don't get that sense from reading the article and I can't imagine any woman "enoying" something like this.

Anonymous said...

Ok, out with this piece of shit and in with a new piece of shit. It never ends.

kathleen said...

rob said...
"The accuser's comments that she was going to find "priests and monsignors" to vouch for her character is as awkward to read as Holden's comments. As a civic leader, he should've resisted his urge to comment the way he did. A short "no comment" would've been much more appropriate."

It's interesting that "Rob" is questioning the victim and a volunteer civic leader and says nothing about the rapist piece of shit named Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

This article is very upsetting. Gallagher is pure evil and should not be allowed in public.

Connie said...

I agree with jennifer, I can't imagine any woman who would enjoy this kind of attention. Unless she is just as sick in the head as Gallagher. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

QC: Be sure to get that photo of Gallagher behind bars.

Dr. Evil said...

you mean "evil" piece of shit...

Anonymous said...

e·vil adj
1. profoundly immoral or wrong
2. deliberately causing great harm, pain, or upset
3. connected with the Devil or other powerful destructive forces
4. characterized by, bringing, or signifying bad luck
5. characterized by a desire to cause hurt or harm
6. very unpleasant
7. used to describe a NYC Councilman named Dennis P. Gallagher.
1. the quality of being profoundly immoral or wrong
2. e·vil or E·vil the force held to bring about harmful, painful, or unpleasant events
3. a situation or thing that is very unpleasant, harmful, or morally wrong
4. the force within Councilman Dennis P. Gallagher.

former staffer said...

I am surprised that there is violence. I am not at all surprised about the use of his office, not surprised about the sunday afternoon drinking, not surprised about the hitting on woman as the 'councilman'. i also wont be surprised when he tries anything in his dirty bag of tricks to try to get out of going to jail. the victim should have thought twice before she got invilved with this guy she should watch out now because pinkie fights dirty.

Anonymous said...

How embarrasing it will be if the Republican Party doesn't make a move before the justice system does? Oh, I forgot, we are talking about politicians.

Pinky will step down when he is arrested, because that's Pinky, he thinks he is above the law, arrogant to the highest level, slimy, a weasel, low life of a person who puts himself above his family and a community he was elected to serve. He forgets that he works for us, not the other way around.

Get rid of this loser once and for all. We the people demand it!

Anonymous said...

Why can't we see this woman's face?
What's with the "cutesy=-poo" view from the knees on down? If you are going to charge rape, be prepared for your MUG to appear in the papers. This is equality?

Bubba said...

Dear Rapist,

Get used to the terms of endearment now. You will be my cellmate and girly-boyfriend.

Your cheeks are so fine (the ones around either of your blowholes), and they will be mine.

My friends in here are from Mexico, and remember what you did to one of their women. They resent that and hate rapists. But, they've been here for a long time, and have needs too.

So, I have already rented you out so you can pleasure these friends of mine.

My friends have many tattoos. You can get some (tattoos) when you serve properly.

Oh, yeah! Bring plenty of money. You'll need money to pay for our honeymoon.

Twenty years from now, you'll look back fondly on the memories we'll share. Plus, you'll be able to join a rodeo, because you'll have bowed legs from all the romancing.

Please, write soon, so we can prepare without any of the traditional wedding-night nerves.



taxpayer said...

Anonymous said...
"Why can't we see this woman's face?
What's with the "cutesy=-poo" view from the knees on down? If you are going to charge rape, be prepared for your MUG to appear in the papers. This is equality?"

But this moron writes anonymously?

Jennifer said...

"Anonymous said...
Why can't we see this woman's face?
What's with the "cutesy=-poo" view from the knees on down? If you are going to charge rape, be prepared for your MUG to appear in the papers. This is equality?"

She has a right to her privacy - just like you do.

Anonymous said...

To the previous post...

I think there are laws protecting the identities of rape victims, that is why her picture was not shown. Also, from a law enforcement perspective they do not want to discourage they numerous other women he has raped from coming forward due to the publicity. If you read sundays NY Post article you can see that his behavior is that of a classic sexual predator. He lured his victim away from her friends and the public eye where she would have been protected, then under false pretenses conviced her to come to a secluded place where he ambushed her. I have heard stories circulating in the community that he has done this before but did not go as far as he did with this victim. He has obviosly become emboldened over the years(due to his status as councilman and women being unwilling to come forward because they are intimidated) and has stepped up the level of violence and sexual assault involved. Thank god he has been caught before he killed some poor woman during one of his alcohol hazed mental breakdowns. Also, shame on his staff for protecting this "man" when they new full well what was happening. I'm sure at least one of them is probably a victim too. Sleep tight PINKY, in a few months your gonna know first hand what it feels like to be a rape victim. It will be on your first night In Attica, and his name will probably be tyrone or leroy. PS- Please dont be a coward and eat bullet at the Kew Motor Inn, at least show some dignity and face the music like a man.

Julie said...

Hey Dennis, ever hear of karma? You sanctioned the destruction of living beings for no reason. A week later, you're getting yours.

Jim said...

No, Julie, it's not karma, that's an Eastern philosophy. Dennis destroyed sacred Christian land. God punished him. Of course, Dennis helped by being an ass.

Anonymous said...

The ghosts of St. Saviour's are comin' to getcha, boy! There's no hiding from them.

rob said...

"kathleen" said, "and...rob...says nothing about the rapist piece of shit named Gallagher.

Maybe because he's only accused of these things, and unlike here on this blog, in a court of law, he hasn't been convicted of anything, no matter how many different posts by anonymous readers show up. You all have your minds made up. Maybe it's true about this guy. Maybe it's not. I still believe in innocence until proven otherwise.

Anonymous said...

TO ROB: Stop sucking your B-Ball buddies ass....and change your sweatpants!!!

Steve said...

Rob is a fat ass piece of shit who does Gallagher's bidding, I know the guy, he's been taking money under the table for years. Hey Rob, start looking for the IRS to pay you a visit.

mazeartist said...

The curse of Saint Saviors! If the Queens GOP does not expel Gallagher, it will soon be RIP!

Anonymous said...

Pinky is going to be Pinky in another place besides his face.....from his jail cell, real soon!

rob said...

To anonymous and Steve:

Yep, good sound debate tactics. I'm impressed.

Glendale said...

Hey Rob, are you upset that your beloved councilman turned out to be a grade "A" dirtbag?

He's a lying philanderer who was kicked out of his own house several times, who could be seen in every bar in the neighborhood on a nightly basis hitting on women, a man who sexually harassed almost every woman in his office for the last 15 years and who has shamelessly used his office & staff for personal gain.

On top of all this, he's a filthy and cowardly rapist.

Oh yeah, I forgot he's innocent until proven guilty. Nevermind.

Gallagher is a Rapist said...

What's the difference between Adolph Hitler and Dennis Gallagher?

Hitler didn't like basketball.

Anonymous said...

"Rob" should, perhaps, change his tag to "robber" (as in those barons of old) . That's where his sentiments usually lie !

He's always bashing the righteous and supporting the deviants !

rob said...

"Oh yeah, I forgot he's innocent until proven guilty."

Good, I'm glad we agree, then.

Sue from Glendale said...

what a monster!


People like Rob and other Gallagher defenders are the same type that beleive that OJ was innocent. They blame the victim. Gallagher is already spreading lies about the victim. This time he will be brought down and pay for a lifetime of lies and abuse.
So long Pinky So long Pinky So long Pinky we're glad to see you go!

...TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!

gallagher is a rapist liar said...

After beating, sexually molesting and threatening this neighborhood grandmother, Gallagher is denying that he did did anything wrong. However the police have the DNA and all the evidence they need.

Please watch as this pig tries to lie his way out of this one.

Sandy said...

This is a chilling story and it actually makes me afraid that this guy is still walking around the streets. Why?

Sunnyside of Queens said...

Hey Rob, keep searching for excuses for Gallagher. Maybe he'll have one in 15 years.

And please see if you guys can help me rid our neighborhood of our problem...Eric Gioia.

Anonymous said...

This is an unbelievably tacky site....but please...keep blogging, folks. You're doing a fabulous job on establishing some defense. No question there are folks out here who would stoop to any level to destroy Pinky!
A previous blogger was absolutely right to question those "cutie pie" shorts. It goes against the expected psychological profile of most rape victims - especially violent rape. Most victims will take measures not to be viewed as a sex object.
And as for the article mentioning that Gallagher staffs his office only with pretty girls.....give me a break. Those jobs don't pay much at all. He should be commended for hiring a full office of extremely efficient staff who are willing to work for such a low city salary. Don't drag those women down with lewd wink-wink-nudge-nudge nonsense.

Central Ave said...

"This is an unbelievably tacky site.."

Hmmmm, of course you would write that if you are Dennis Gallagher or his deaf, dumb and blind supporter.

It's amazing how morally bankrupt his staff and allies are who have looked the other way ignoring Gallagher's past sexual harassment abuses, indiscretions and disgusting misconduct.

Gallagher's disgraceful behavior while in city government will surface. The press is digging and will come up with an army of information including women who will finally come forward to paint a very ugly and dirty picture of this perverted pink piece of crap.

Gallagher typically abuses and harasses his female victims. To keep them quiet he then viciously threatens them. This came out in the NY Post article. However if that doesn't work he then tries to do damage control by paying off his victims with cash or jobs. This time he went too far to do any of that. Now together with his hired mouthpieces he will attempt to discredit the victim. I have faith in D.A. Brown and his staff to counteract that ploy.

Gallagher's dirty little world of lies & deceit will finally be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Central Avenue, you got me. I'm just a gal vying for one of those sweet $25k a year jobs that Pinky uses to lure women.
I'll be livin' the good life on that salary!

Now I've got a good imagination, but that woman's knees scream one thing and you know it "I got really drunk and fell down on my way home" And when her husband demanded to know where she was, she made up a drunken story about the only guy whose name she could remember at the bar. Nad she remembered that name because she's walked by his awning for 6 years. Sure she'd like for more women to come forward. Then she won't feel so bad about her big fat lie.

And for you, Central Avenue, who clearly has an axe to grind.....When you wake up from your coma, perhaps you'll realize that you live in Queens, and your beloved borough is changing. You can either fight a vicious, but completely meaningless, fight, or you can accept that change is inevitable and lobby for positive and realistic change to your community.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "tacky site" -

It's unfortunate that those women in Pinky's domain/sex den/city council office are currently or in the past, been sexually abused or even worse.

Let me explain further. Some of these women love it, some of these women are forced upon it and some of these women are paid for it.

With Pinky's bonehead move on that Sunday afternoon, he exposed himself and now everyone nows what a low life he is.

Both present and past women from his inner circle are now having the courage to step forward.

It's going to get ugly and when you associate yourself with evil, you have no one to blame, but yourself.

Pinky's Puppets are running for cover, like cockroaches when a light is turned on.

Anonymous said...

Central Rebuff -

Your one blind poor soul who I wouldn't want to be in a fox ho....I mean hole with!

If somebody put a shooting gallery (drug den moron)next to your house, you would say, "oh, well, that's progress"!

MiddleVillageIdiot said...

I can see the La cucarachas running now...there's Jake The Snake who couldnt defend a client out of a paper bag, then there's Anthony "the Chin" Como who should be doing Leno imperonations in the Catskills, also Tom Hungthepenne, who thank god never recived a judgeship, and last but not least Serph Maltcheese, whose time is up....I am so glad we have a civic leader in the community who has promised to never let these guys sit in office or continue to serve our neighborhoods! long Live the Crap!

Max said...

I hope Pinky sticks around for's fun kicking him when he's a big pink pinata that has fallen off the rope onto the floor and you find out that pinata was empty from the start.

Anonymous said...

To the perverted pinkster:

When u are in our local bars and swilling scotch and making an ass of yourself please stop bragging about u and your mafia buddies. I am sure u are just a douchebag they are using to get what they want. It is the same way u treated the voters of this community like douchebags to get what u want. PS- loose lips sink ships!!!

Anonymous said...

From today's Daily News:

"Gallagher's 52-year-old accuser declined to comment on the case yesterday at Danny Boy's, a Metropolitan Ave. bar and restaurant, near Gallagher's home."

anyone else think heading back to Danny Boy's to wet her whistle is strange behavior for the accuser? I guess I kind of expect a victim of an alcohol-related rape to stay out of the bars for a while.

brother mario said...

the only thing worse than a grand-mother fucker is a grand-mother fuckin' rapist.

politicians don't come any worse than Dennis P. Gallagher.

Atlas Park Sucks said...

These brain dead Gallagher supporters are so desperate that they are clutching at the straws to convince themselves that the woman is lying. Just because they want it to be the truth doesn't make it the truth.

This is one strong woman who will not be intimidated. Gallagher has been taken down by a 52 year old grandmother who is one tough lady.

And to all those assholes who like to say she was at a bar drinking, she was really in a restuarant eating!

Face it fools, it's over for councilman pink, or should I say councilman dennis sexual-predator gallagher.

where's jake? said...

where's jake lasala? with gallagher gone how will he make a living?

business isn't too good because the jake puts pleasure before business.

Dear Gallagher Staffers: said...

How embarrassing is this for all you Gallagher staffers? Your job description should look interesting on your resume.

I told you that the SS Badship Gallagher was going down but you wouldn't listen. All of the smart staff quit because they knew he was out of control. Why did you stay?
We can understand why Margaret stayed, but why the others?

Was it that difficult to get a real job and make an honest living. Did you believe that brainwashing crap from DPG?

Now let the media circus begin. Wait until all the stories hit about the stripper, swingers, sexual favors, drugs, dirty doers who looked the other way. You all knew about Gallagher's continued immoral and illegal activity. You will have to answer these charges.

The rape charge is only the tip of the Gallagher huge digusting iceberg.

Like the walls of Jericho, it all will come crumbling down.

Was it all worth it being part of such illegally and immoral activity?

Central Ave Rebuff said...

"This is one strong woman who will not be intimidated. Gallagher has been taken down by a 52 year old grandmother who is one tough lady."


mike 78 avenue said...

gallagher supported overdevelopment in our community so i'm not surprised that he wants housing on st. saviour's, supported the Atlas Mall and has not pushed to stop illegal housing problem in glendale.

my question is now that we are essentially without a council man, who will address these issues?

Anonymous said...


You can get the pathetic pinkster outa this jam.....

use the special skills u service pinky with on DA Brown.....

You girls could finally be useful!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Rob" ("Pinky's" man) might be also changing his tune to "kneel and bob" !

How'd ya like a nice room right next door to Dennis' ? !!!

Anonymous said...

"robber baron" (anonymous).....replies to "Rob":

No we don't fact....something isn't agreeing with me at the moment . I'm presently trying to belch up the hot air that you've caused to settle in my stomach !

I advise all readers not to mistakingly ingest any of Rob's gassy comments on this site !

They're all air with no substance..... nor do they contain any nutritional value whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

This sick F*** has done this before as far back as highschool, sadly he will no doubt pay his way out of it again.
I know he "tried some BS" in a doorway with a friend named Fran, she was 16 at the time.
I started kicking the sh*t out of him + threw him over a car on Caltapa Ave when she pointed him out. Undercover cop stopped me from finishing the job and advised all involved to "let it go".
(This happend on Caltapa Ave by the farmers oval park cut through to CTK HS)

Pinky has many "cement and construction" friends who are not the ...emmm "boy scouts" that need him around.
...all POS's !

Anonymous said...

I am a resident of this community, my countless friends and I are appalled by the Councilman's actions regardless of rape or not.

With this in mind, it is obvious he does not have the best interest of the community.

He sold us out and now we want him out of our lives.

I am ashamed to say that we voted for him.

Anonymous said...

I hear there is one major investigation now under way from the recent dirt that came out on Mr. Gallagher.

What kind of man is this guy?

All these comments regarding him have to be true, you can't make that stuff up.

I'm shocked and want a new leader for this community!

Anonymous said...

Pink in the day, pink at night, it doesn't matter, drinking and raping is alright!

Anonymous said...

Dear concerned citizens -

It's all true and a cryin' shame for this community.

But, at least you see the pink light!

Anonymous said...

Pinky and his puppets.....PATHETIC!

smith said...

I don't understand this Dennis Gallagher. Why doesn't he just claim he was providing a constituent service? Why does everyone want to claim they are a victim?

He's a Republican for goodness sake. He should be following Rudy's lead and just power through these little glitches.

Here's what I think Gallagher should say: I provided this constituent with excellent personal attention and service. It's beyond the responsibility of my office if she went home and her husband wasn't happy. Don't come back and blame me when I've provided this level of constituent service regularly and everyone else has been satisfied.

Anonymous said...

hey crapper, why don't you review all the gallagher sexual harassment warnings bloggers were posting on this site prior to the rape allegation?

Kathleen said...





Anonymous said...

This just in:

DNA came back positive late this afternoon!

Pinky is linked to sex grandma crime. Doesn't that line sound gross!

This loser is going to drop dead from the stress before he faces the music. Shit!

Oh well! One way or another we will rid ourselves from this very bad cancer.

Next week is a bigggggg news week, with an arrest.

This community now can stop getting raped in more ways then one!

Anonymous said...

The ex-Councilman known as Pinky has been abusing women for years and the stories are coming out of the closet.

This man was our leader? He had our best interests in his pants, regardless if it was one ball or two!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those facts just before the weekend. It made my weekend, GIF.

Bars all over town losing business with Pinky holed up in a ho......I mean hole!

Puppets running around like chickens without a head (no pun intended)!

Payback is a very big BITCH!

Anonymous said...

My friends and I were pro Gallagher before this all happened.

Regardless of innocence, he is a married man who had sex with a married granmother.

Case closed. I believe everything that is written, this guy is one piece of crap1

Anonymous said...

Plack is black, I want my baby back....I mean grandmother,

Gray is gray, how about a a taxpayers office!

Red ie red, I'm Pinky and in bed...... with grandma's, land developers, bankers, and my criminal friends.

Green is green, I don't want to make a scene.......just want to be on all the headlines.

Blus is blue, I am going to jail too!

I'm Pink and I like to drink.

Your beloved Councilman, Dennis P.ervert Gallagher known as Pinky.

See you in 15 years!

Rejoice said...

What goes around comes around. Pinky is done.

The pig did himself in.

The Real Reason for Gallagher's rage said...

Rape is about power, not sex. A rapist uses actual force or violence - or the threat of it - to take control over another human being.

Rape is a crime, whether the person committing it is a stranger, a date, an acquaintance, or a family member.

Dennis Gallagher raped a woman 9 years his senior. He has been a sexual predator for quite some time, abusing interns, staffers, friends etc. But it was never about sex, it was about power. He has been trying to establish his power for quite some time with little luck. Very few people respected him. Especially the Juniper Valley Civic group. They stood up to him and he couldn't accept this so he became overly agressive with them. He tried eveything to destroy them. However the more he tried to take them down the stronger they got.

This frustrated him so he acted out his agression on that poor woman.

69 LA said...

According to the NY Post, Gallagher offered money to a woman to get her friend to sleep with him.

This guy is really desperate.

Anonymous said...

I think beauty killed the beast.

Anonymous said...

With all the women, grandmothers the Councilman Pervert screwed, I'm suprised he isn't effected with some killer infection.

With his actions the last two years, maybe gonorrhea is eating his brain the same way it ate Al Capone's brain.

They are similar in so many ways.

Capone was a criminal, so is Pinky.

Capone screwed the taxpaying people, so is Pinky.

Capone had sex with muliple women, so does Pinky.

Capone made payoffs, Pinky accepts payoffs.

Capone was into porn and Prositution, Pinky sells porn, and had a brother that was a big porn star.

Capone associated hinself with low lifes, so does Pinky.

Capone cheated the IRS, so does Pinky with money under the table from land developers.

Capone had crappy lawyers, so does Pinky.

Capone went to jail, so will Pinky.

Capone finished as a nobody, so will Pinky!

Queens Crapper said...

Yes but Geraldo found nothing in Al Capone's vaults. Imagine what he will find in Pinky's!