Saturday, July 7, 2007

Street widenings causing headaches

Neighbors on 20th Avenue in Whitestone, who were against the one-block widening of their street that began in May, had another unwelcome surprise Friday night when work continued late into the night.

20th Avenue Widening Includes Night Work

The $1.2 million widening of 20th Avenue from Parsons Boulevard to the expressway service road includes new sewers, street lighting, trees and sidewalk. The goal is to alleviate traffic congestion.

In western Queens, the city changed its mind on closing Eliot Avenue for 2 months round the clock:

In Reversal, City Supports 4-Month Eliot Work Plan

City officials reportedly changed their minds after realizing that they would not be able to find enough traffic control officers to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians and motorists, once full-time roadwork on Eliot Avenue began diverting vehicles to overtaxed roads nearby.

Photo from Windows Live Local

1 comment:

Taxpayer said...

Moron Gallagher was so intent on removing Holden from CB5, and so intent on embarrassing Holden with the vote on closing Eliot Ave, that (naturally) he never got around to thinking of what a 24 hour closing would do the residents of the community or to their safety.

And, naturally, his concentration on attacking Holden had priority over making any arrangement for traffic safety officers for 24 hours a day.

Moron Gallagher said: "Screw the citizens of Council District 30; I don't need them any more."

His vicious hatred of Holden has so unbalanced him, that Moron Gallagher would rather cause horrible auto collisions and child endangerment than to agree with "Strident opponent" Holden on this issue of citizen safety.

Only luck and his own unwillingness to plan stood in the way of the Moron Gallagher being responsible for any number of deaths and injuries.

Colin, why did you choose the word: "Strident"? Were you quoting the Moron? Do you know how to use a dictionary? Do you have any mind of your own? Can you use that word on the Moron Gallagher or would that mean you're being disobedient?