Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pat a scaredy-cat under scaffolding

The city's top building official says she is afraid to walk under scaffolding because of all the debris plunging to the street from rooftop construction sites.

Falling objects make commish shudder

Bolts, beams, two-by-fours and sheets of plywood fall from Manhattan construction sites every couple of weeks, either dropped by careless workers or blown off rooftops by high winds. If they fall from a tall building, they can end up a block away.

Sidewalk sheds - the enclosed walkways at building sites - are supposed to protect pedestrians. But the 5,800 sidewalk sheds in New York aren't always enough, she said.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

What a dimwit.

verdi said...

Real estate prices (and taxes) keep going up while pieces of buildings keep on falling down !

Introducing a new fashion item for sale:
Haute Couture safety hard hats for residents (and tourists)....."proudly"emblazoned with our NYC and DOB's seal !

Any rising young designer in the rags trade out there (or an FIT student ) who's willing to toss out a few quick sketches ? !!! (I'd hate to have to resort to wearing an ugly old trench helmet to keep my noggin protected) !

Taxpayer said...

The cost of a little PR is far less than actually going to a site and enforcing the law.

In about this past April or so this year, the forecast was for winds reaching 60, 70 MPH.

I notices a pile of plywood in front of a nearby building under construction. Called 311, emphasized the high winds and the plywood (approx 4x4).

DOB didn't arrive until the next day. The DOB records stated that there was no problem.

Just now, I looked up the complaint. The last complaint shown is in Mid-December 2006. DOB is deleting official records.

A rogue agency? You decide.

Anonymous said...

A rogue agency is right. I have left complaints, but a few have mysteriously disappeared. Amazing how many people make complaints and raise issues about this agency and yet no one pays attention.