Sunday, July 1, 2007

Partial stop work order issued at Citifield

citi field construction 6-29-07 018A partial stop-work order was issued at the Citi Field site Friday after a construction worker was injured while working on the Mets’ new stadium.

Stop-Work Order Issued At Citi Field Site Following Construction Accident

As a result of the incident, the Department of Buildings wants the contractor to make the area safer. It issued a partial stop-work order to Bovis Lend Lease for concrete stripping operations and ordered the company to come up with a new safety plan.

And then, there's this: Brickbats and baseballs


mazeartist said...

For me, the home of the Cyclones will always be Steeplechase, and the home of the Mets will always be called Shea, no matter what their official names may be.

I urge all Mets fans to avoid using the name Citi Field in their conversations, letters, and posters

Anonymous said...

How about a compromise...ShitiField?

Taxpayer said...

Here's a thought: Next time you are reminded that Citibank paid $400 Million to name the stadium after a such a greedy, grubby company, ask Citibank if it requires employees to work evenings, weekends and holidays (holy days included - Citi bank IS secular) without pay or payment of expenses, ask Citibank if that $400 Million couldn't have been better spent on compensation for employees, or on a better interest rate on your money.

Do you want your financial records to be maintained by folks who are angry at being ripped from their personal life so the bank managers can award themselves huge bonuses for keeping payroll expenses low? Perhaps you should be asking.

Anonymous said...

Historical reminder:

That venerable stadium, that the Mets have played in since the 1960s, was named for Mr. Shea......the lawyer who was responsible for tearing down Penn Station......another long lost historic icon whose demise led to the passing of the NYC Landmarks law and the creation of the LPC.

It's no great loss that Mr. Shea's "fine name" is also relegated to bite the dust !

Hello....."City Fields" ......goodbye Mr. Shea !

Anonymous said...

Why are people complaining about Citi Field? Shea Stadium is the worst MLB stadium in the country, and Citigroup, in a good pr move, paid to have naming rights on the new stadium. What's the problem? Why be so attached to the name Shea when the stadium was a dump? And this "greedy, grubby" company actually builds offices and brings good jobs to Queens and NY. I really think that the complainers on this blog are people who have accomplished nothing, produced nothing, and only feel good about themselves by criticizing others who are productive. Hopefully the Willets Point development moves forward and Queens can benefit from all the baseball and tennis patrons staying in the area after events and bringing business here, rather than flee the mess that is there now as soon as the games/matches end. Genius.

Anonymous said...

Neil DeMause is a rat!
Friggin' whiner.

mazeartist said...

Indeed, Shea Stadium is a dump, it looks like a series of highway ramps pasted together into an arena. Another Robert Moses creation.

The field faces east, towards Willets Point and the abandoned U-Haul tower. Airplanes tear up the sky above the field. The lack of luxury and comfort in Shea gives it a certain gritty, working-class image.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. get a better job with a company that doesn't make you work on holidays, evenings and weekends. nobody put a gun to your head and told you to take a job with Citibank. those are the hours the job requires. and you knew that going in...

Anonymous said...

Let's keep the $400 mil in perspective. I believe it is over 20 or so years, so we are talking about a $20 million annual payment for widespread brand exposure. Citigroup is a $250 billion company with annual net income of over $20 billion and probably over 150,000 employees, so $20 million (approximately $130 per employee) a year is really not a big number.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Not calling Citi Field by the name Citi Field will never work.

All over America beloved old sports venues have been replaced with corporately named ones. People HATED and still do HATE these names, and renames, and re-renames, and re-re-renames... but the name sticks, it is what it is and you can't pretend it's not that. It just can't be done.

Man, I absolutely despise the name Citi Field... but it could be worse. A few idiotic names that exist or once did before being renamed to something else: Pizza Hut Park, Dunn Tire Park, National Car Rental Center, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Amway Arena, iPayOne Center, Quicken Loans Arena, Arena, Dunkin Donuts Center.

It's sad.

This corporate naming and renaming (and re-renaming and re-re-renaming and probably soon re-re-re-renaming) crap has contributed to the worsening of this wonderful country.

It all makes me sick.

But Citi Field's actually not that bad... until the naming company has troubles and is bought someday and the stadium name needs to be changed. Yay.