Monday, July 2, 2007

Noise code takes effect

The city's new noise code took effect yesterday:

City: Kick out the noise

...but according to several papers, the city didn't seem any quieter:

As Noise Rules Take Effect, the City’s Beat Mostly Goes On

The 1 a.m. din was as loud as ever outside several Lower East Side nightclubs. At a busy East Harlem intersection, salsa music almost drowned out the traffic in the early afternoon. Next to Claremont Park in the Bronx, a Mister Softee truck was stopped at the curb, beckoning customers with its snappy jingle.


...Sutra on First Avenue ... was pumping out 85 decibels of music onto the sidewalk just before 2 a.m. yesterday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another "code improvement" that will quickly be ignored and remain unenforced !

In 3 different (varied socioeconomic) locations, that I know of in the past week, emergency calls to 911 were IGNORED ! Imagine the response you can expect for noise abatement calls ? !!!

The 911 telephone operator asked the caller "....did you see a gun ....." ! The fist fight that had already broken out and the heated verbal life threats that were flying from one combatant to the other weren't enough to warrant dispatching the police !

Ours is a city in full crisis mode !