Wednesday, July 4, 2007

NJ Declaration signers get no respect

Five Declaration signers are buried in the Garden State - four New Jerseyans and a Pennsylvanian. But an effort to preserve their graves, promote their lives and honor them with graveside plaques has stalled in a state that was home to several key Revolutionary War battles and dubs itself the "Crossroads of the American Revolution."

Plan to promote Declaration signers buried in NJ fizzles

A plan to spend $200,000 to preserve and newly mark the graves has bounced around the Legislature for more than three years without becoming law, a victim to chronic state budget woes that has left the state annually scrambling to close budget deficits.


Anonymous said...

How pathetic. It's only $200,000! Instead, let's spend it on welfare...

Anonymous said...

They gave their hearts and sacrificed their blood for that great cause of the creation of a new nation, and all that the "garden state" can muster is a hail of words that's been bouncing off the walls of the state house for endless years now like a ping pong game that's gone afoul !

Anonymous said...

Both Hart and Stockton had ancestors that signed the Flushing Remonstrance.

Take a look at Bowne House. Any surprise, therefore, on St Saviours?

Today, only if you can tweed someone is there money available. See what they DO, ignore what they SAY.

Getting reelected and honest graft, not governing or inspiring us. That is the only thing important.

The market will take care of cultures. All Hail Brittany and Paris.

No wonder some people hate us.

wrong side of the river said...

That's Jersey for you.

GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are an international culture, now! No need for old white men.

Sonny Carson, now there is the ticket!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not to worry about the Bowne House, the birthplace of religious freedom in America or the Flushing Remonstrance !

John Liu supported....maybe even spearheaded.....the Bowne House's transfer to NYC ownership !

Wasn't this the same councilman who took money from the developer who built ILLEGALLY adjacent to this venerable landmark (the project still has and can't seem to get a valid certificate of occupancy)?


What has Johnny boy got in mind? Currently there's no room for NYFD apparatus to be able to get to the new building...or the old one either....the space between them is far too narrow !

Is he planning to push NYC to sell off about 15 feet of the Bowne House's front yard to that private developer in order to make adequate room for the fire engines so he can get a valid C of O ? !!!!

Don't put it past this City Council snake !!!!