Sunday, July 15, 2007

Historic cemetery being restored, the memory of the Van Wycks, Sutphins and Merricks and Revolutionary War veterans have disappeared underneath thick and thorny vegetation that has become an overgrown manifestation of time and neglect.

Advocates Work To Put Life Back Into A Graveyard

...the overhaul will cost $1.1 million and the complexity of the problem –– damaged tombstones and vegetation unearthing markers or completely obliterating them – makes the restoration especially costly and difficult, much like an archaeological dig...

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

"Forgotten Dead" would make a good name for a book about preservation in Queens.

Anonymous said...

In Queens they still build on cemetaries.

Burroughs Family in Corona.

St George in Astoria Village.

Astoria Reformed in Astoria Village.

Explain yourself community leaders why you have no respect for the dead.