Saturday, July 7, 2007

The future of Kew Gardens Hills?

"This house, which was built 50 years ago to sell for about $15,000, is one of hundreds in Kew Gardens Hills that are zoned to allow develop- ment of multifamily units. We wonder what this one will be used for in a few years."

147-15 78th Avenue in Flushing/Kew Gardens Hills

- Anonymous

Photo from Jewish Press


rob said...

Whoa. Now THAT's an older building that should be torn down!

Hideous on the outside, devoid of any architectural considerations on the inside, a Fedders POS could only improve upon that site.

Anonymous said...

A Yeshiva or medical facility....perhaps !

I used to want to live here.....but I'm glad that I never did !

Goodbye to a once beautiful neighborhood !

Hello future sardine can packed solid with "humanity"!

Once again .....over development over rides the pre-existing quality of life !