Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crap or not crap?

The members of the QC team stood outside of this house on Westmoreland Street in Little Neck and debated whether or not it was crap. We couldn't come to a consensus, so we'll let you decide.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, its the classic mcmansion! Aka a one family house the size of Grants Tomb built on a parcel the size of a postage stamp.
The only thing that makes it crap is the size. Totally out of character for the neighborhood. However, it is all brick, has a detached garage and lots of windows. It also has some greenery (although meager)around it. Most importantly its one family. Im certain the developer could have squeezed out three two family piles of crap on this plot.

Queens Crapper said...

Well, the house is on a corner lot which accommodates a larger structure and the property does have a large garden/lawn around it. It also is bulky, but not taller than other houses on the street. These were 2 of the arguments for "not crap".

Anonymous said...

People seem to want to call something crap if it is just different from the other houses around it. If a house is better or nicer than the houses next to it, it can be an improvement over those houses and thus not crap.

Anonymous said...

the garage and the columns by the entrance look tacky

Owner said...

Sorry, you don't like my house, but really I don't care. I do, and that is all the really matters.

Maybe you all are just a bit jealous??

Shaggy said...

The people who think this is crap probably could not afford it. A classic case of "sour grapes." If you want to live in a place where the "community" can determine the character of your house, move to a gated community, where you agree to give away most of your property rights. Private property rights within the boundaries of the law one of the most important rights in our free society.

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Anonymous said...

It's not crap it has a nice yard/garden and is brick all around it seems like a nicely built homw

Liman said...

Crap, I say. Not the worst, and I'm sure it was quite expensive. But who decided that all new residential construction would look like this? If I was building a house it would NEVER look anything like this. Couldn't these builders just shock us someday and build a huge colonial? Is this the ONLY thing the buying public wants? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Look, I dont know if the people defending the house actually own it or live in the neighborhood. Shaggy, you are 1000% wrong. The community can and will determine the character of your house, as what YOU build affects the property values of those houses around you. Properties that were there long before yours, I might add. Just ask the people in Bayside who are now forced to look at 4 one family homes placed on a lot designed for 1 one family home. The value of their homes have now fallen through the floor. Mcmansions and multi dwellings are a symbol of greed, arrogance and total disregard for the community.

shaggy said...

Anonymous -- If the community can determine what you can build what's the point in owning property? To make your neighbors happy? And if the communities are making these determinations, they must love "McMansions" because they are springing up all over the place. You talk big but just wait until the "community" decides it doesn't like the color of your house. But then again, a civic-minded person like you would probably take a poll of your neighbors before you repaint it. Right?

The people who live next to this house should know how the neighborhood is zoned and what could be built there. If they don't knoe the zoning, they didn't do their due diligence and deserve whatever is built next to them.

BTW -- I own an old colonial b/c I love old houses. But, I do not begrudge my neighbors on what they build unless they are breaking the law. Taste is relative and not absolute.

What ever happened to the United States being the land of individuality, capitalism and private property rights?????

mazeartist said...

I was gonna vote no, but then I noticed the huge garage, big enough for two Hummers!

Anonymous said...

I am not going to get into a shouting match with on a blog, because its an incredibly stupid thing to do. But I will address you point by point.

1."If the community can determine what you can build what's the point in owning property? To make your neighbors happy?"

The community has enormous input into what is built and what is not.
This is why we have community boards and such.

People who give a flying fig about the communities they are building into, should use a little bit of common sense before building these
monstrosities. Do you ever read Queens Crap? You have this "Its my property to hell with the rest of the world" mentality.
Communities are built on trust, respect for others and working together. They are not built on screw you, i got mine mentality.
Greed and corrupt thinking at its worst.

2. And if the communities are making these determinations, they must love "McMansions" because they are springing up all over the place.

Again, you dont have a clue. Do you EVER read Queens newspapers? People all over Queens are outraged as beautiful old traditional homes are being replaced with homes that barely fit on their lots! Many homeowners
and civic associations are working furiously to get zoning changes to stop mcmansion mania. Even Bloomberg has addressed the issue in 2006.

3.What ever happened to the United States being the land of individuality, capitalism and private property rights?????

Ths United States is all of these things, but there are limits my friend. You cant trample the rights of others in the quest for yours. You can respond if you like, but like I said, Im dont like shouting, so you may or may not get a response. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Just over the edge of crap. I agree with the person who said the columns are tacky. They look like they are made out of legos.

Anonymous said...

It actually has a nice sized yard in the front. I have seen much much worse. Look on Douglaston Parkway right off of Northern Blvd as you head to the LIE. It's a nice house. I wouldnt buy it, but its not Crap. I also prefer the colonial look and older homes.

KM said...

I'm late on the draw to comment, but really, this sad mistake is pure crap. May I ask you to please take a look at its great- great grand-daddy?

Notice that though this photo shows the palace of the most important man in the future US, there is dignity, almost modesty, to the structure. Look past the outrageous cupola, and the few ornate doo-dads, and this place is remarkably simple and satisfying. OK, this is the rear of the building, but it's still the kind of building you'd never get tired of looking at.

Meanwhile, 300 years later, the Beverly Hillbillies descendant broadcasts like a boom-box that the owners are both ignorant and vain, whether or not this is actually true. Woo-woo, they live in a royal palace, but they also tell you that they are too uneducated to know that 1970's windows look absurdly cheap on a colonial Georgian building. It's not a matter of taste, it's a matter of education. And the ridiculous fortified 'porch' above the medieval entry is only suitable for pouring boiling oil onto barbarians storming the gate.

This must be a metaphor for the owners' feelings towards the community. Does anyone think they hang out on this porch to chit-chat with passers-by?

Add on some thoughtless Home Depot light fixtures, and iron pipe railing (for that trendy, high-tech touch), and you've got a real doozey, a classic Queens Crap plopper.

Hey, I'm not saying that the only beautiful buildings are historical ones, or that brick palaces are the way to go. In fact, if you browse Colonial Williamsburg on Google or Flickr, you'll see how a very modest wooden home can be a revelation of grace and charm.

But when new money joins hands with pretension and ignorance, we recoil in disgust. Our city is becoming so hideous, so degenerate in appearance, that we need to go back to square one.

There is an architectural and urban planning movement afoot to try to rediscover the things that once made cities beautiful and liveable. Not trying to be a superior-sounding A-hole, I want to very respectfully suggest that those who thought this building wasn't "too bad" spend more time looking at good buildings and other beautiful things. It's very pleasurable and you'll learn something.