Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Pinky authorizes tree destruction

Received word that the owners of St. Saviour's are having the 150+ year old trees on the St. Saviour's property cut down. The owner informed Councilman Gallagher of his plan and Gallagher gave his blessing. More news soon...


Anonymous said...

I guess since Pinky is going down he is taking the whole neighborhood with him!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, where in the hell is the preservation community?!?

Why does a law depend on the graces of a #$$%%& politician? I, as a voter and taxpayer, have the right to full protection under law.

We have a landmarks law. We have organizations out there that are advocates of community preservation.

If we cannot enjoy this law, and if those groups do not give Queens support, then, so help me, the law should be overturned.

I do not care if this means that Brooklyn Heights looks like Elmhurst, if Greenwich Village looks like Flushing, and the West Side looks like Astoria.

They deserve it.

And buster, this is Queens. The rules are different here.

We can find a dozen developers that would be only too happy to start an action to overturn the law.

Anonymous said...

Pinky is getting even. If cops are going through his garbage, something is up, so he is pulling all the stops right now.

The key is if HDC, MAS, etc say something. Only their silence will kill this place, only their outcry can save it.

Lets see what they do.

Taxpayer said...

In his blind hatred for the residents of this entire community, this pervert will destroy everything in his path.

A developer wants trees aged 150 years ripped out, Pinky's only question is "What's in it for me?"

What qualified this turd to be a member of the Parks Committee?

Oh, yeah! That he's a real Nature Boy: A Natural liar, a Natural thief, a Natural sleaze, a Natural pervert.

mazeartist said...

An emergency protest should be held on the site to prevent the destruction. If the trees are cut, the branches should be collected and dumped outside Pinky's house. Give him a taste of his decision!

Anonymous said...

Look "mazeartist" ....
I'm just as furious as you are about all this.... but really....we've got to come up with something a little more productive than holding another "emergency protest" !

These haven't achieved very much in the past !

Short of somebody hiring a lawyer to file a temporary restraining order to halt the tree cutting immediately....this measure amounts to grand scale "thumb-twiddling" !

If destroying the nesting places of song birds is indeed a Federal crime, then it's time to put our money where our mouths are and hire a good "mouth-piece" (attorney) that's got a great litigation record and stop being so naive !!!