Friday, July 13, 2007

2 strikes against Pinky

The city Department of Investigation has been looking into whether Queens City Councilman Dennis Gallagher - who's currently being probed over a sex-assault allegation - misused his government office for political gain, The Post has learned.

Several sources familiar with the department's query said its investigators have interviewed a cluster of Gallagher staffers over claims he was inappropriately using aides and his offices for political purposes.


Yep, the Crapper can verify that Gallagher's campaign office is linked to his district office via an interior staircase. This allows his taxpayer funded staff to work on his campaign when they are supposed to be working as council aides. But why pay to hire an additional person when you can just treat your staff like slaves?

As for the rape: Sources close to Gallagher have insisted whatever might have happened that night was consensual and note that he has not been charged with any crime.

And now it's consensual. Before he denied even knowing the woman. It gets better each day!


Moe said...

HA. The jerk has had this one coming for years.

Anonymous said...

I guess someone should write and open letter to that community board why they reserve their bile for someone who attacks this loser, while they remain studied indifferent to his destruction of the community that (on paper) they are to serve.

I love it when a community tries to stand up to one our our infamous party hacks, suddenly the community is viewed as fighting etc.

Before you rush to judgment and condemn the community, why don't you look at why they are doing this?

connie said...

ALSO, he was inappropriately using his district office for a tryst - at the taxpayers expense.

westernqueensland said...

Thank you for keeping an eye on him. I'm sure that if we looked at any councilmember, assemblymember, or other mid-level pol, you'd find the same skullduggery. They start clean enough, but the system (the low fruit of easy money), ambition, and their sloth tarnish them.

Anonymous said...

Here we have a proud Republican who wraps himself in the American flag, portrays himself as a family man and defender of the working class.

And then the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Someone's in the office with Dennis
Someone's in the office I know-ow-ow-ow
Someone's in the office with Dennis..
Was it sex or was it just a blow?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Christine Quinn censured Dennis for the attack letters he sent out? Those couldn't have been sanctioned by her. Or could they have?

Taxpayer said...

The psychopath's cohorts have it all figured out!

Bob Holden, Tony Nunziato and Christina Wilkinson, Lorraine Sciulli, Ed Kampermann, Bob Doocey and all the other JPCA devils "made him do it".

But, he didn't do it anyway. It was consensual. But, there was nothing. But, whatever it was, it was consensual. As a matter of fact, the woman actually raped this cowardly elf.

And, even if he did rape her, it was really all those baaaad people at the JPCA who actually raped her, because they say such naughty things about the pervert. Well, he's not really a pervert (certainly we never say that publicly; he'll stop the flow of money).

But, in case you're following this denial, the vicious psychopaths at the JPCA are the guilty ones.

The elected pervert can rape whomsoever he wishes, whensoever and wheresoever it's convenient.

The rest of you can go screw yourselves.

Taxpayer said...

Connie: You have to understand the pervert. He thought it was called his Distryst office.

metAve said...

Didn't you know it was those meanies at the Juniper Valley Civic who forced Gallagher to beat & rape that woman?

It's so obvious.

They also made him sexually harass interns, staff, strangers, and even molest his housekeeper.

Gallagher was a nice man before those bastards at the JVCA got their hands on him.

Anonymous said...

Three strikes coming Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher looks like a filthy rat swinging the bat.




Julie said...

He looks like a woodchuck in this picture.