Thursday, June 7, 2007

Want to play at Shea? Well, just go away!

Loge 13 reveals that the Mets are starting to look like big league meanies to local kids:

Apparently, the Mets are not living up to their obligation to let local school groups play the PSAL baseball championships at Shea, diverting the kids to KeySpan Park instead.

Shea: Not For Kids?

They quote the SI Advance:

“It all sounds pretty cheap, especially from a franchise whose owner can't stop talking about his own days playing high school baseball in New York City.

New York City's taxpayers don't ask much of any of the city's sports franchises. Only that when their kids get a chance to play the biggest game of their lives, they get to play it on the biggest stage around.”


hooper said...

They should let the kids play. Furthermore, they should borrow some of the team's relief pitchers who probably would have done a better job than Aaron "three run shot" Heilman did last night.

Anonymous said...

Lets Go Yankees!!

Anonymous said...

I wish the Mets would open their stadium to tours like the Yankees do.

mazeartist said...

Open Shea to tours? Before it's demolished? Their marketing experts don't think there will be enough demand for Shea Stadium tours, in comparison to Yankee Stadium and the MSG.

verdi said...

Franchise owners, developers and NYC gov't (especially the EDC) are great at "playing ball" with each other but the kids seem to strike out every time!!!

Gee....there ought to be a Brian Mc Laughlin Award given out for screwing the kids' little league teams!

Wadda ya

Taxpayer said...

Wasn't Shea built with our tax dollars? So, why is there any question at all about the kids using the field.

Somebody needs to go to prison. A little Paris Hilton treatment might be just what the doctor ordered!

Anonymous said...

Prison is reserved for "little guys" who can't afford fancy lawyers!

The "biggies" like Tommy Huang get off with suspended sentences!

Cut off a couple of "biggies" arms instead of giving them a slap on the wrist and you'd set an example for these law breaking bastards!