Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A visit to the Queens County Farm Museum

The Daily News visited the Queens County Farm Museum on May 20th during its "Farm Fest":

Having farm in the sun

Farm Fest offers pony rides, tractor-drawn hayrides, tours of the chicken coop and feeding sheep and goats. "It is a day," said museum spokeswoman Amy Fischetti, "to be low-tech and soak in the beauty of the farm without leaving New York City."

Visit the Queens County Farm Museum's website


Mayor Mike said...

WHAT? There's a farm in Queens? We need to correct this situation immediately and encourage developers to build crap upon it.

Councilman Dennis said...

Melinda and I have lots of friends who would be happy to build upon this blighted and underutilized piece of land.

Tommy said...

Sounds good, Mike, where do I apply for a building permit?

Oh, wait, I never bother to do that.

verdi said...

Nice to see a real farm instead of developers farming Queens for their own profit!

Anonymous said...

Wow....real horse manure instead of political BS !